Basic Troubleshooting

Laptop won't start?

1.   Is your battery dead?  Plug the the power cord into the laptop and recharge the battery.

2.     Check the cables, connectors, and power cords to make sure they're plugged in securely. 

3.    If you're using a power strip make sure it is turned on.

4.    Try plugging something else directly into the electrical outlet to make sure there isn't a power problem.

Can't connect to the Network?

1.    Check to see if anyone else around you is having a similar problemIf so, then the problem may be affecting more than just your computer.

2. Select the icon on your menu bar.  Turn the WiFi off and back on.

3.   Reboot the computer .

Error messages?

Write down any error messages you see on the laptop. They give the computer technician clues as to what may be happening.

The computer freezes and you have the spinning beach ball.

Press the keyboard combination command + option + esc and Force Quit any applications that are listed as not responding

Where did my print job go?

              If you have more than one printer connected to your Mac, make sure that you’ve selected the one you want, in the Print dialog box.