Volunteer Opportunities - Welcome!


Volunteers are needed throughout the school year; if you are interested in being contacted via email for volunteer opportunities please fill out the contact form. Volunteer Contact Form

Volunteers are needed to help at Halloween Bingo! This is a favorite event at Woodland Meadows come help out and have fun. Halloween Bingo

Volunteers are needed to help shelve the books that the kids checkout during their weekly media special.  If you can help in the media center please sign up through the link below.  Volunteers are welcome at anytime that is convenient to their schedule. Media Center Volunteers

Welcome to the lunchroom!  The lunchroom needs your help on a weekly basis, please click the signup link below Lunch Room Volunteers

As parents and members of the workforce ourselves, we sincerely appreciate the time that you are able to spend  with the students while they grow and create lasting memories at Woodland Meadows! You’ll be amazed how excited your child gets when he/she sees you at school! Parents too can create lasting bonds with other parents and children.

ank you!