Welcome to the Saline Area Schools BYOD website.  This website has been created to support and help jump start SAS Instructional Staff with their BYOD classroom efforts.  Below is a definition of BYOD and a quick overview of the technology district direction.  Also, the website is chockfull of supporting tabs above to provide a variety of clickable resources to use on your BYOD classroom journey.

What is B-Y-O-D?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device.  The district is encouraging staff and students to bring their own internet-ready devices to use on school property for educational purposes.

District Direction

Overall, Saline Area Schools is committed to preparing all students and teachers to maximize learning by fully integrating relevant technology into academic content to:
  • acquire, share, evaluate and create digital information
  • achieve media and technology literacy
  • maintain a safe and ethical online environment
As part of this commitment, the District recently updated the networking systems and all school buildings are equipped with enterprise wireless to allow student-owned devices (and staff devices too) to be used in a classroom setting to support the teaching & learning process.