Las Estrellas de Español de Señora Peplinski

Welcome to our class website. This site will be used as a web portal, a communication tool, and a place to enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom. Please explore freely and know that all websites/videos linked to this site have been pre-approved for students and families. However, we are not responsible for the ads that may appear by following the links to these websites and/or videos. Please use the contact page if you have any questions about this site. Enjoy! ¡Disfrute!

To view the most recent practice material covered in class please click on the 'Tarea/Homework' link below, and follow the instructions.  To view Home Reports, please click the Documentos/Documents section. 


To view the Open House note please click here. 

World Language Night Links are available on the Tarea/Homework link below, or by clicking here. 

Tarea/Homework y Pasaportes/Passports

Aquí se puede encontrar actividades y tarea. 

Here you can find activities and homework. 

El Calendario/The Calendar

Aquí se puede encontrar el calendario de la clase. 

Here you can find the class calendar.  

Los Documentos/

Aquí están documentos para la clase. 

Here are class documents. 


Siempre estoy disponible para mis alumnos y padres. 

I am always available for my students and parents.

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Why Facebook and a class website?  The class website primarily focuses on tools to help students learn Spanish.  The Facebook site is geared towards parents.  It will include any big upcoming events in class, as well as articles on language acquisition.  This is an easy way for parents to stay on top of events, as it will pop up in your newsfeed!
 Las noticias de la clase. The latest news on what we are studying in  class.  

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