Solar Energy, Specific Heat, and Land and Sea Breezes


Question:  How does the Sun drive the motion of energy and matter as they circulate Earth’s systems?  

Complete a T Chart graphic organizer as you research that provides explanations for the following:

  •  How the sun produces energy
  • How the sun impacts temperature
  • How the sun impacts air pressure
  • How the sun impacts wind/breezes
  • How different materials heat up with the sun's energy differently

Read this article about Weather and Climate.

Read this article about the Sun and Weather/Climate.

Read the first section of this article "What causes weather?".

Go to the following website.  Read the description and watch the video animation.

Go to the following website:  http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-wind.htm

  •  Scroll down and read from “What Is a Land Breeze?” and “What is a sea breeze?”


Carefully analyze the graphic (cartoon).


Complete the Specific Heat Race Lab.


Go to the following website and read the article: