March 2017

Spring Conference Dinners: Thank you to everyone who brought in dinner for the teachers and staff during conferences!

Pancake Supper and Spring Book Fair: Thank you to all of the volunteers for planning, setting up, helping and cleaning up at our Pancake Supper and Spring Book Fair: Melissa Naylor, Holly Delaney, Elise Hantula, Christopher Weber, Nevile Holtz, Amiee O'Neil, Christa Hopson, Leslie Hundley, Dawn Whitford, Sheryl Henry, Kristy Iverson, Christina Bruns, Susan King, Nahal Meshinchi, Kami Darnell, Melissa Zaksek, Rana Al-Igoe, Lauren Yavor, Nicole Nguyen,  and to Angie Clark for organizing the Book Fair.

February 2017
Science Fair: Thank you to everyone who helped make our Science Fair awesome this year, especially our coordinators Barb Gutowski and Faith Hart! Thank you also to our volunteers who helped set up, clean up, take pictures and talk to students about their projects

January 2017
Family Game Night: Thank you to everyone who helped during Family Game Night!

December 2016

Math Night: Thank you to Lisa Roth for coordinating this fun event! A big thank you goes to Domino's for bringing and serving pizza! Thank you also to all of our volunteers who helped set up, run games and clean up: Janet Smith, Barb Gutowski, Dana Cotuna, Terri Palacios, Alex Mah, Riley Salowich, Catherine Loftus, Alyssa Williams, Marshall Isaacs, Saige Jost, Jackson Jost, Emily Cohen, Kate Hervey, Morgan Glennie and Avi Kumar.

November 2016

PJ Night and Book Fair: Thank you to our coordinator Angie Clark for organizing another successful Book Fair at Harvest and to Don Day, the PTA treasurer for working on the financials of it. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up, run the cash registers and tear down: Janet Smith, Barb Gutowski, Don Day, Rhonda McGivney, Violet Apone, Dana Cotuna, Gina DeCaro, Kristy Iverson, Abby Miller, Valerie VanHafteen, Kami Darnell, Michelle Wawrzynski, Christina Bruns, Jen Burt, Rana Al-Igoe, D'Ann Kirkland, Jennifer Desimone and Jolene Manuel.
Thank you to our guest readers: Cheif John Leacher, Fireman Russ Girbach, Heritage Principal Laura Washington, Middle School Assistant Principal Emily Sicker and Assistant Superintendent Steve Laatsch. Thank you for sharing some of our favorite stories with our students.
A huge THANK YOU to Busch's for donating the delicious cookies for our PJ night dessert.

October 2016
Grandparents Day: Thank you Anne Wright, Heather Delay, Janet Smith and Sarah Wagner for their help in setting up, greeting our Grandparents and making the day go smoothly.

Halloween Bingo:
Thanks to our coordinators Greg and Kelly Martin for organizing a successful Bingo Night with great food and awesome prizes! Thank you to the parent volunteers: Heather Finch, Angela Flesher, Andrea George, D'Ann Kirkland, Fernanda Santos, Jen Burt, Holly Delaney, Sheryl Gehringer, Sarah Giddings, Sheryl Henry, Eva Carpenter, Kristi Lupi, Rhonda McGivney, Jessica Navan, Amy Woodruff, Jennifer Dubnicki, Lynne Harrison-Ley, Janet Smith, Angie Clark, Carolyn McFarlane, Erin Greener, Jacquie Niven, Melissa Kozma, Elise Hantula, Elizabeth Baldwin, Nahal Meshinchi, Michelle, Wawrzynski, Kristen Rueger, Emily Patalan, Jenn Heisler, Tammy Sidlinger, Kami Darnell, Jennifer Parkhurst, Susan King, Padmaja Dittakavi, Violet Apone, Don Day, Dawn Whitford and Angie Clark for providing all the yummy treats and supplies and for helping clean up.

September 2016
Fun Run: We've had another successful Fun Run! Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $37,000! A big thank you to our specials teachers for coordinating the event: Mr. Glennie, Mrs. Dana, Mr. Couasnon, Mrs. McEvoy and Mrs. Peplinski! Also thank you to all the volunteers that helped throughout the day: Sarah Bonner, Tracy Heinemann, Doug Jones, Hakil Moon, Krista Hopson, Claire White, Lynne Harrison-Ley, Carolyn Anderson, Amy Higgins, Oksana Kedia, Christina Bruns, Jennifer Desimone, Andrea George, Kami Darnell, Joe Szalay, Paul Fitch, Kristin Rueger, Kyle Concannon, Erin Greener, Jill Brown, Laurie Kipley, Abby Miller, Valerie VanHaaften, Caroyn McFarlane, Jen Burt, Sarah Wagner, Shauna Wilson, Doug Jones, Sheryl Henry, Lynn Bahena, Lesley Hundley, D'Ann Kirkland, Amy Higgins, Stephanie Stahl, Amy Thompson, Shirley Wickman, Angela Mitchell, Jessica Navan, Doug Jones, Gina DeCaro, Rhonda McGivney, Lisa Zapawa, Susan King, Jacqueline Fatt, Megan Costigan, Hildur Runarsdottir, Sarah Wagner, Violet Apone, Janet Smith, Dawn Whitford, Barb Gutowski  and Dana Cotuna.

Movie Night: Thank you to Violet Apone for organizing another fun movie night at Harvest. The cafeteria and gym were full of Harvest families watching "Inside Out" on the big screen.  A big thank you to all the volunteers that helped set-up and clean-up, and for selling water and popcorn throughout the show: Jeffrey Weiss, Tommie Reilly, Janet Smith, Rhonda McGivney, Don Day and Dana Cotuna.

Book Fair at Open House:
Thank you to coordinator Angie Clark for organizing a successful Book Fair at Harvest and to our treasurer Don Day who worked on the financials for this. Thank you to all parent volunteers for running cash registers, setting up and tearing down: Erin Greener, Violet Apone, Dana Cotuna, Oksana Kedia, Christina Burns, Claire White, Nahal Meshinchi, Amy Higgins, Jolene Manuel, Tiffani Harris, Shilpa Rao, Janet Smith, DawnWhitford, Barb Gutowski, Rhonda McGivney, Elise Hantula, Holly Delaney, Caloryn McFarlane and Rana-Al-Igoe.

Bus Greeters: Thank you to Jing Wang for organizing all of the bus greeters for the first week of school! Thank you to: Aaron Bailey, Melissa Naylor, Dana Cotuna, Susan King, SungJung McCurry, Janet Smith, Sarah Wagner, Rhonda McGivney, Melissa Zaksek, Alison Massey, Jessica Navan, Wawrzynski Michelle, Rana Al-Igoe, Rosaura Cobian, Elise Hantula, Oksana Kedia and Jeffrey Weiss for coming out early to make sure all of our students were in the right lines!

August 2016
Grounds Beautification: Thank you to Scott Hummel for coordinating grounds beautification day at Harvest and to all the families that helped! The school grounds looks fantastic!

First Day Folders:
 Thank you to Audra Iadipaolo for organizing volunteers to stuff the folders that go home with all students on the first day of school!  We are grateful to everyone who helped us finish so quickly: Michelle Redies, Sheryl Henry, Rhonda McGivney, Violet Apone, Sarah Wagner, Barb Gutowski, Janet Smith, Dana Cotuna, Amanda Ledy, SunJung McCurry, Rebecca Steinman and Sheryl Gehringer.