Cybersafety Information

Saline Area Schools believes that all students should have access to technology when they act in a responsible, courteous, and legal manner. Therefore, the district will be implementing a cybersafety program called STOP. THINK. CONNECT!  During media class, all students will receive instruction related to cybersafety and digital citizenship.  Part of the instruction includes introduction to specific Websites created to help students understand the importance of their responsibilities related to technology use when in school.  Additionally, all students will be asked to sign a pledge to be a responsible digital citizen at Saline Area Schools by remembering to always, "Stop and Think before you Connect!"

Listed below are the Websites that will be used during the course of instruction related to cybersafety.  Please feel free to visit these sites on your own or with your children, as they may contain additional information of interest to families.  Also, there are some links for videos from YouTube that are being used this year to further support the concepts of Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship.

Stop!  Think!  Connect!  (a video including a rap, used with all K-3 students)
Kim and Lee's Adventure (a video showing possible problems with online game Sites
(please note that, due to the nature of the content, we only show the first 3 minutes of this video to our 1st-3rd grade students)