About the Harvest Media Center

The objectives of the Saline Area Schools Media Centers
are to promote the intellectual, cultural, social, and ethical development of students, to provide materials which extend and enrich the experiences encompassed in the curriculum, and to foster reading as a lifetime pursuit.  These objectives are fulfilled through the selection and provision of books and other materials of learning which contribute to the growth of the individual student.  Additionally, with the ever-growing importance of technology in our lives, the library media center strives to help develop a strong foundation in the recognition and use of various technology tools, providing a base for ongoing growth in their use as communication and production aides. 

The philosophy of the Library Media Program is to support students in becoming independent, enthusiastic, life long learners.  The instructional activities and media center resources have been developed to foster the skills needed to effectively and efficiently locate, evaluate, organize, and use information for a meaningful purpose.   Whenever possible and appropriate, students will be applying these skills in the completion of projects and activities that correlate with the classroom units of study, as well as with topic areas taught in other specials' classes.

During the 3rd Trimester, all students in grades K-3 come to the media center for a 75-minute session once every five school days. While in the media center, students are involved in instructional activities that target four major areas:

    Orientation/Circulation:    LMC rules and procedures, book care, organization and location of materials
     Literature Appreciation:    Genres, book awards, authors and illustrators
     Information Skills    Introduction/reinforcement of skills related to the use of various print and electronic resources
     Technology skills:     Development of keyboarding skills, utilization of different applications

Library materials are checked out for a period of 1 week, or longer if there happens to be a day off during that week.  Both items must be returned by the next library period.  If your student wishes to renew the book(s) that they have checked out, this is always an option.  However, they still need to return the book each week on checkout day, with a Post-It or some other scrap of paper which has been attached with tape to the front cover of the book.  On the paper should be "R," meaning that the student wishes to renew that book.  It will be checked in, but held at the circulation desk for the student to check out again.  Each time that a student is late in returning 1 or both items, it is recorded, and the semester grade for the Circulation Standard is based upon this number.


 Media Center Schedule

Trimester 1


 Day 1   

 Day 2

Day 3

 Day 4

 Day 5


Planning and Book Collection   

Planning and Book Collection   

Planning and Book Collection   

Planning and Book Collection   

Planning and Book Collection   


3rd Grade



Mrs. Toth


Mrs. Terech



Mrs. Nelson

Ms. Knoedler


Mrs. Hollis



2nd Grade



 Mrs. Widen


Mrs. McCormick


 Mrs. Laurent



 Mrs. Perez



 Mrs. Calero




Lunch and Planning



Lunch and Planning


Lunch and Planning


Lunch and Planning


Lunch and Planning




& Young 5's



Mrs. Gall 



Group D



Group C



Group B



Group A



1st Grade



Mrs. Smith



Mrs. Ridinger



Mrs. McMaster



Ms. Johnston


Mrs. Edwards