I don't have a favorite color because none of the colors really are that amazing to me. There isn't one that sticks out from any of the others.

Giraffes are such an amazing animal to me. I have a cute, fuzzy, stuffed animal of a giraffe at home that  I love.

I am into snowboarding and I would love to hit the slopes in Switzerland. I heard that the sand from the Sahara Desert makes its way over to Switzerland, and when it snows the sand makes the snow have a pink color to the snow. I 
would love to snow down some pink hills!

Buddy the Elf is by far the coolest person in the world! I think he is darling. Elf is by far my favorite movie ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever and I would love to spend some time with the main character. It is my dream goal to spend 
time with Buddy!

Bring Your Own Beverage:
COKE!! I am obsessed with Coke. Both my dad and I drink a ton of it each day.