Pep Band (HS)

2009 – 2010 Pep Band!


 12/18/09 (Friday)         Pioneer (ladies)

1/5/10 (Tuesday)          Adrian (ladies)

1/26/10 (Tuesday)        Ypsilanti (ladies)

2/2/10 (Tuesday)          Adrian (men)

2/5/10 (Friday)             Pioneer (men)

2/9/10 (Tuesday)          Chelsea (BOTH*)       

2/16/10 (Tuesday)        Dexter (men)

2/26/10 (Friday)           Monroe (BOTH*)

*Both Varsity teams have a home game.  The first game starts at 5:30pm; call time will be 4:30pm on these two evenings.  We will leave after halftime of the second game, which immediately follows the first.

Games generally start around 7:00pm after the JV game.  Call time is 6:00pm unless otherwise noted above.  Barring any unusual circumstances, games generally end between 8:30pm and 9:00pm.


The Pep Band uniform consists of a Pep Band T-Shirt and a pair of jeans.  The only thing required of you is that you tuck your shirts in so that we look “uniform” in the stands.  Many of you have the uniform from last year, it is unchanged this year.  We will again be ordering the blue shirt with the yellow design this year.  You do not have to order a shirt if you already have a one, but it looks best if all Pep Band Members wear a Pep Band shirt to performances. 

 Shirt orders are due no later than November 19th.  Shirts will be in before the first game on December 18.


We will be rehearsing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:45 – 7:30AM in November and December.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!  These rehearsals are mandatory rehearsals for all Pep Band members.  We take pride in what we do and therefore what we sound like.  Attendance will be taken at each rehearsal.  If you cannot attend a morning rehearsal for any reason, please call Mr. Cannell at 260-2350.  3 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING INELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN THE GAMES.  Starting in January, we will be meeting before each game at 6:00 PM to rehearse for the game and get our music in order. 


The Pep Band generally stays for the entire game, so plan accordingly.  If for any reason you cannot attend a game, please try to find a sub for you that can attend both the rehearsal and the game in your place.  Also, we will be sitting by instrument, so find a friend from your section to play in Pep Band with you!  Our number one goal during our performance is to support the team and sound our best.  Full uniform is required for each game (Pep band t-shirt and blue jeans)

 I am excited to be directing Pep Band again this year and look forward to making great music and having fun in the process.  Please feel free to approach me with any questions, ideas, comments, concerns etc.  My cell phone number is 260-2350 and my e-mail address is: 

 Here is to a great year!

 Mr. Cannell