Welcome to the Media Center. This center contains more than one file, and type. It is the documents library and the resources section are where I organize things that need to accessible to others. Very little effort is made to beautify the media center. It is here to help organize things mainly. 

The basic permissions in this area are:

  • Public - These are easily accessible to anyone
  • Private - These are accessible the these types of users
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Colleagues

The basic type of files in this area are:

  • Documents - Downloadable, printable, or line.  In Google Docs, Text, PDF, and possibly Microsoft Word formats.
  • MP3's - Not just music. Some of these are for various podcasts, training videos, or interviews.
  • Videos - These are tutorials, training materials, and sometimes interviews. There may be a few videos that are just fun, or kept here so that I won't lose them.