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Achievement and Development Plan


  • The 'St John Bosco Parish Achievement and Development Plan' is all about providing you with constructive feedback on your role. We do this by recognising your achievements and supporting you in your development.

You may read about the overall document here ... and you can click the following to fill in your Section 1 and 2 of the document.
Others will fill in Section 3 for you.

This section guides you to determine your goals for your ministry in the Parish.

SECTION 1 – Choosing your 3-4 Objectives/Goals to guide you over the next 12 months.

Your goals represent the activities you will focus on in your group to contribute to our Parish.  At the end of the next 12 months we will see how you have gone based on the following guide:

1.  You have achieved above and beyond all your Objectives/Goal's. 

2.   You have achieved all your Objectives/Goals 

3.   You have achieved some of your Objectives/Goals but not all 

4.   You have not achieved your Objectives/Goals.

 Objectives/Goals are expressed in SMART format-
(Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic, Time)

12 months.

These are your personal areas to grow.
SECTION 2 – Reflecting on your Personal Development.


Development Initiative(s)

1. What area do you wish or need to develop to enhance your role? 
2.  Looking to the future is there something you need now to enable that future to happen?


Action/s required by Parish Priest or Representative, to help you develop capabilities or competences? (Including but not limited to training)

 Your assessment of areas:



The Line in the Sand document we will use to help us understand if your strategies have been effective or not ... view and complete

This section shares how others experience you in your ministry.
SECTION 3 – Character and behaviour Traits. 

Behaviours in the following Areas will be observed and commented on using a 360 behavioural reflection.  People see you as a:

A.   Role model 
B.   Commendable & Effective
C.   Capable however areas need attention. 
D.   Needs further development 
E.    I have not seen the person in this context.

To see the questionnaire click