Gratitude Sunday 2014

This year the Stewardship group has decided to Give thanks and Celebrate our Countries of Origin and the different aspects of faith that come to us through this diversity.

The 2011 Parish profile (see "Parish Social Profile" from the Australian Census, in the link on the side vertical menu) has not changed much in 3 years.   It reveals how we do not have the diversity of many other parts of Sydney and Australia.    Yet we are blessed with many cultures and we hope to invite different people to share a little of their stories of faith from their culture and what they see the gift of our faith community is Engadine.
We hope the Prayers of the Faithful will be read in different languages with the wording in English on the Screen.

Nov 8/9th.
6 pm Saturday: Christian and Anita

8 am Sunday:  Layne's

9.30 am Sunday:  Lawrence

6 pm Sunday:  Jolenta

P of F:  Marzina & Robert, Faith, Grace, Ferri, Roseline, Naoli, Sr Ana, Moramay, Laura D., Teddy and Wendi, Martin M, Rachel, Shakina and Kevin, Ana Maria, Patricia, Kathia and Ruth.

7.30 am Sunday:  Jimmy

9.30 am Sunday:  

11 am Sunday:  Fr Gerrit

Sr Anna, Trish Walsh, Laura Dantes, Lisobas, Shakelia,  Kathia, AnaMaria, Patricia Doherty.