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Tree of Life

Tree of Life is a granite wall as shown in this picture, on which memorial plaques are placed. The tree will represent the many people who have made up our Parish community over the years.

A plaque for the tree of life is $253 (inclusive of GST). 

The plaques will be placed on the tree in the position selected by you, provided it remains available at the time of your application. Please click on Available Leaf spaces, to choose a leaf position prior to completing your Leaf Application.

Unfortunately you cannot book a space on the tree for a person who is not deceased.  Whilst we would like to offer this service, we can't know what the production cost of a leaf will be in the future.  We suggest that you inform family members of your desire to have a leaf on the tree, when you pass, and they can purchase it then. 

Leaf plaques do not necessarily need to be for one person only, although there is a restriction on number of characters per line and just four lines per plaque. 

You might want a plaque for deceased members of your family, or perhaps deceased members of a parish group, or other past Parishioners.  

We have placed the first two leaves with the following inscriptions: “Deceased Salesian Sisters of Engadine Parish” and “Deceased Salesian Priests and Brothers of Engadine Parish”.  However, this doesn’t prevent someone from placing another plaque for a particular member of the Salesians, eg. Brother Henry or Sister Sarah.

The guidelines for a Leaf Plaque are shown below. If you would like to order a Tree of Life Leaf Plaque, please complete the Leaf Application

See below for help with the layout of a leaf plaque.

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