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Frequently asked questions

Q.  Am I able to purchase just one niche, which will contain the ashes of two people?

A. No. It is our policy that only one persons ashes will be permitted in one niche.  In most cases, one person’s ashes fills the urn provided, and there would be insufficient space for the ashes of two people. You may purchase two niches side by side if you wish.

Q. Can I reserve a niche now and pay for it at time of inurnment?

A. You need to make full payment at time of application. Otherwise we will be unable to reserve the niche of your choice. Note that the cost of the niches will be reviewed annually, so if you buy now you will probably pay less than the cost at time of inurnment.  Beating inflation, one could say.

Q. Can I order the Niche Memorial Plaque at the time of Niche purchase?

A. No. The person needs to be deceased at the time of purchase of the plaque. We can’t order the plaque until the date of death is known.

Q. Will the cost of the plaque be fixed at the time of niche purchase, even though I am not ordering the plaque now?

A. No. The price of the plaques will be reviewed annually, and will increase in line with rising cost of production of the plaques.  The price will be the cost stated on our website at the time of application for the plaque.

Q. Who do I make my cheque, for the Niche or Plaque, out to?

A. Parish of St John Bosco, thank you.

Q. Does the niche have to contain the ashes of the person shown on a memorial plaque?

A. Yes.  A niche cannot be used for a plaque alone, without the ashes being placed in the niche.

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