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Preaching Evaluation

What is this about?
I am always striving to improve ....
Preaching is a central part of my faith journey and impacts significantly on the People of God.  I dream of my preaching always improving ... and forever supporting People's growing Relationship with God, Life, God's Wisdom, and the Kingdom.

I would name 4 dimensions in Preaching:
1) Planning            2) Preparation            3) Delivery            4) Evaluation

Our skeleton Plan is the Lectionary cycle of the Church, which includes the Liturgical Season.  

Preparation is something each preacher has to determine for him or herself.   Click to see some of my Preparation methods and things I have tried - I am always open to possibilities in this area.

Delivery is again very much up to the individual.   My delivery uses a powerpoint guide, and I prefer to preach in front of the people rather than from the Ambo/Lectern.  Click to see my reasons for my style and again I am always open to feedback to improve my delivery for the people. 

Evaluation.   I have done little in this area, apart from some comments from people that I have taken on board.   Click to see two that changed my preaching.  
This form is an effort to systematically and more broadly use evaluation to improve my preaching.   It may also benefit others striving to grow in their preaching?

If you are willing to support my exploration in this area I invite you to fill in this evaluation form each week for the next two months ....   Let's see if it makes a difference?    
Blessings and thanks
Fr Mick