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Children's Liturgy Sunday 9.30am


I thank Simone Fry for taking on the co-ordination of this ministry.  

If you can help and would like to be on the Roster - contact Simone (simfry8@optusnet.com.au).

Thanks to all who give of their heart and faith for the young people to come to know God and God's word ...  

We long for the children to hear God's word in a way that embraces them with the love of God something hinted at in this picture:  Blessings and thanks.  Fr Mick

A resource of the readings for each Sunday and some prayers for the Children. (read)

Children’s Liturgy Roster Term 2019

Sunday February 3rd

4th Sunday Ordinary Time

Simone Fry

Sunday February 10th

5th Sunday Ordinary Time

Sepy Nadalin

Sunday February 17th

6th Sunday Ordinary Time

Family Mass

Sunday February 24th

7th Sunday Ordinary Time

Natalie Sammut

Sunday March 3rd

8th Sunday Ordinary Time

Kay Macadam

Sunday March 10th

1st Sunday Lent

Family Mass

Sunday March 17th

2nd Sunday Lent

Kay Macadam

Sunday March 24th

3rd Sunday Lent

Simone Fry

Sunday March 31st

4th Sunday Lent

        Sasha Mackenzie

 Sunday April 7th

5th Sunday Lent

 Sepy Nadalin


     Simone Fry        Sepy Nadalin          

    Natalie Sammut     Kay Macadam     Sasha Mackenzie