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Bread Run

Coordinators:  Lawrence Lobo 0414207734   and Paul Dewberry 0430313262
Many thanks to all!!

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Grocery Distribution Duties:

 Volunteers for the grocery distribution part of the Monday night "bread run" undertake the following duties:

* Arrive at the main Engadine church by 6.45 pm;

* Collect grocery donations from Sacristy and Presbytery;

* Unpack grocery items from the plastic bags they are normally donated in. Place on a trestle table in church foyer (Presbytery side). It's generally best to keep the outside church doors closed at this stage; It is desirable to unpack all current donations in case there are perishables (particularly fruit) which could spoil and ruin other foodstuffs if not utilised promptly. Additional grocery items from previous donations which have not yet been distributed are kept in Sacristy, use whatever is needed of these so that a balanced variety of food is available for selection.

* The "bread run" clients usually arrive from 7 pm onwards but some may come earlier. Once the grocery items are unpacked go outside to greet them.

A process has been put in place where the"Bread run" clients are each given a random numbered ticket (picked out from a box) and invited into the foyer one at a time from lowest number too highest.

Food is then provided to suit their needs but be aware that they cannot always have everything they want. Their needs have to be balanced with the necessity to ensure everyone gets a fair share. Single people generally are given a smaller amount than someone with a family. Sometimes the people need a friendly voice as much as they need groceries.

* There are no rules that are "set in stone" for this activity. The main aim is to provide an equitable distribution of the donated grocery items having regard to the needs of each person. If you see a particular need (e.g. a mother with a sick child may be brought in first regardless of the numbering process) then you can act as you see fit. Sue Khalouff from Vinnes will be in attendance on most nights and can provide guidance in this respect.

*Once the distribution is complete return unused donations to Sacristy.

Bread Run Duties:

Volunteers for the collection of the fresh Bakery bread part of the Monday night "bread run" undertake the following duties:

* Arrive at 6:30 pm to help set up tables 
* Travel to Bakery to collect bread
* Return to the church and help distribute the Bread
* Help pack up and tidy area