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Altar Serving

                          Blessings and thanks for being part of this Ministry.      
                                                                                              --Fr Mick 

What is altar serving?

An altar server is an assistant to the priest. As an altar server, you will help the priest with certain parts of the Mass. 

Who can be an altar server?

In our parish, you can become an altar server after your First Holy Communion. This ministry is open to both boys and girls. 

When and where?

Altar servers are scheduled on a rotating roster for weekend and special Masses. You will need to be in the Sacristy and dressing 15 minutes before the start of Mass.

When signing up to become an altar server, you are asked what Mass day/s & time/s you prefer so you can serve at the Mass that you usually attend.


Rostering in 2020...

Last year we trialled a new rostering system that the kids came up with. Unfortunately, it's not worked out the way we had hoped so over the course of the first two terms this year, we will be reverting to the old system of rostering four servers per Mass, leaving one place for a non-rostered server to serve when able. 

I will endeavour to schedule each server at least once per term at their preferred Mass.

*This may change over the next few weeks, due to the Corona virus. Please be patient as we work out the best way to give kids opportunities to serve yet still keep them safe.

New altar server ministry cards...

Another of the kids' ideas is Super-Ministry cards, now called ministry cards. Altar servers asked for a punch card of sorts that can be signed after each Mass at which a server serves. When a server reaches 20 and then 40 serves, they're rewarded for their service and dedication. 

Priests, acolytes and I (Dana) can sign cards after Mass. 

Cards are kept in the sacristy for easy access. The cards are updated at the start of every year. Grab a card, put your name on it and start collecting signatures after every time you serve. 2020 CARDS ARE NOW IN THE SACRISTY!

Candy Comments...

Our Candy Comment jar has had to be removed due to the Corona virus. Never fear though! Once we have the all-clear, we will reintroduce this fun way to connect with our ministry and the Mass.

CONGRATULATIONS to the newest members of our altar serving family!!!

If you would like to become an altar server, please fill in the form below. 

Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis with a minimum of eight students needed for a class.

            For more about what altar server lessons involve please click the link below.
                        Altar Server Lessons


Remember reverence is the most important attitude 
for an altar server to have.

Come to serve God and the parishioners.

Arrive 15 minutes before Mass time. 
Get dressed (in tunic, belt and cross). 
Decide who is doing what job with the other servers. 
Wait for Father Mick to call you to prayer before 
leading you into the church. 
             cross holder 
           candle holders 
              book holder 
      washing of the hands 
                                                                          bell ringer 

Entrance Procession
Servers walk 2 at a time together down the aisle. Wait for Father's nod before going down the aisle. The cross holder always leads the procession. Candle holders walk in front of the book.

At the altar, the cross holder stands to the left of centre and other servers spread out across the front, leaving room for Father in the middle. Bow when Father bows and go to your seats.

Introductory Rites
When Father picks up the book, the book holder altar server stands in front of him to hold the book.

Liturgy of the Word
After the second reading, Father will pick up the book. The candle holders will stand to the front of the ambo while Father reads the Gospel. Once Father's done reading, he'll walk to the front of the ambo and place the book on the shelf. Place the candles on the shelf on both sides of the book.

When the second collection is being made, the two offertory altar servers walk down the main aisle to the back and lead the parishioners with offerings to the front of the church, where Father is standing. Stand on either side of Father. He'll give you the offerings and you take them to the altar.

Liturgy of the Eucharist
When you hear the first "Blessed be God forever", the washing of the hands servers hold the bowl of water and the towel for Father.

When you hear the "Holy, holy, holy...", kneel (on the bottom step) in front of the altar. When Father lifts his hands above the wine and bread, the bell ringer rings the bell for the first time. When Father lifts the bread, the bell ringer rings the bell for the second time. And when Father lifts the wine, the bell ringer rings the bell for the third/final time.

Concluding Rites
Father will stand to administer the Concluding Rites and say, "Let us pray"; the book holder will hold the book or Mass sheet for Father to read. At the end of Mass, Father will lead you to the front of the altar again. Cross holder gets the cross while the other servers spread out across the front of the altar, facing the altar, with Father in the middle, the acolyte to Father's right and the cross to Father's left. Bow when Father bows and the cross holder leads the procession out. Then two by two (one server from each side) the servers process out behind the cross holder. The acolyte and Father will follow you out.

After Mass
After Mass, hang your tunic, belt and cross back up then write down something that you learned from Mass or from serving on one of the provided notes, put it in the jar and take out a lollie. (In order to get a lollie, you must write down something you learned and put it in the jar.) AND get your Minister Card signed by Father, the acolyte or Dana. 

Parents & Carers
To all the parents/grandparents/carers who take the time to bring the children to their allotted time slots: thank you. Your involvement is greatly appreciated.

Outgoing Servers
A big thank you to all our retiring alter servers too! Your efforts over the years 
have been much appreciated. I hope you consider other ministries within the church, maybe 'Lectoring,' which is proclaiming the Word of God through the readings at Mass, 
or maybe other roles in the parish community such as within our many Youth Groups?
*Note:  We ask that the outgoing altar servers serve until the next new group of altar servers have been inducted. This may be at the end of the year or early in the new year, depending on when First Holy Communion is administered.



If you have questions or concerns, please contact either Fr. Michael or Dana Scully.