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Altar Serving

Blessings and thanks for being part of this Ministry in our parish.      
Fr Mick 

We are exploring some altar serving training in 2019.
Expression of interest from Edward Meagher, Samuel Dunne, Laura Harding, Zar Mackenzie, Adriana and Valentina Chavez-Rutte,

If you wish your child to be an altar server fill in the following form - the next intake will be in either Feb or March 2019: 

What do the lessons involve?  click to see

New servers in May 2018:
Now on L plates!
Lauren Hugo 
Amanda Budrodeen
Ana Butler
Ashton Piper

To all the parents/grandparents/carers who take the time to bring the children to their allotted time slots; thank you, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to retiring alter servers, your efforts over the years has been much appreciated.   I would hope that you would consider other ministries within the church - maybe 'Lectoring' - which is proclaiming the word of God, or maybe other roles in the parish community or our Youth Groups? Contact Fr Mick if you are interested.  

Altar servers should be in the sacristy about 15 minutes before mass.

Fr Mick

 Roster         Saturday 6.00pm     Sunday 8.00am Sunday 9.30 am Sunday 6.00pm
November 17th/18thGroup 11Group 14Group 3Group 8
November 24th/25thGroup 12Group 13Group 4
Group 9
November 30th/Dec 1stGroup 1  Group 14Group 6Group 7
December 8th/9thGroup 2Group 13Group 5Group 10
December 15th/16thGroup 11Group 14Group 3Group 8
December 22nd/23rdGroup 12Group 13Group 4Group 9


Group 1 Sat 6pm

Jazmine Holden

Emma Nicholls

Group 2 Sat 6pm

Seraphim Haryjanto

Paige Urquhart

Group 11  Sat 6pm

Zac Dewberry

Group 12   Sat 6pm

Group 3 Sun  9.30 am

Milla McCauley

James Grima

Leo Stewart

Axel Portlock

Group 4 Sun 9.30 am

Jai Haylock

Beau Haylock

Group 5 Sun 9.30am

Noah Ovens

Oliver Ovens

Ruby Munn

Luka Hart

Group 6 Sun 9.30am

Charlotte Derrig

Gemma Bierach

Luke Osiowy

Group 7 Sun 6 pm

Fletcher Godwin

Tom Coppock

Maxton Ward

Kristen Vernon

Group 8 Sun 6pm

Jaime Jordan

Ruby Johnstone

Riley Hilder

Ana Butler

Group 9 Sun 6pm

Amelia Roach

Georgia Ritchie

Sasha McKenzie

Lauren Hugo

Group 10 Sun 6pm

Sophia Parker

Sienna Hooker

Kye Windle

Amanda Budrodeen

Group 13 Sun 8 am

All Welcome

Group 14 Sun 8am

All Welcome

You are always welcome to altar serve when at masses other than your rostered times, but please remember those children who are on the roster to serve at that mass have first preference to altar serve. 

Thank you to all parents/ carers/ grandparents who help the children with this ministry.

Altar Roster.gdoc
Kristina Flanagan,
Sep 22, 2016, 4:45 AM