Family Groups

Stage of the Project Dec. 2016
We are now aiming for one group per year level with two activities per term.

Stage of the Project Dec. 2014
We are happy with the initial experience and sincerely thank our Mentor families.  Many of the new families found it very helpful. 
Some classes worked better than others and we are reworking the structures and activities based on what we learnt during the year.
We are committed to 2015, based on the gift it was to people in 2014.

Once again we are looking for couples to help mentor a class during 2015 - If you would like to be involved or want more information about the mentoring role: 
contact Fr Mick -   or Genevieve Dewberry  
Dream began in Oct. 2013
Genevieve Drewberry (the family educator) and Fr Mick explored ways that we might nurture family groups in the parish.

We created family groups from each Kindy class in 2014 and invited families to join.
The goal is to nurture friendship, connections, and support for Kindy Families in 2014.

We had 4 parent/s (with at least one child in Y6 to help) to help mentor each class during the year.
Task of Mentor couple was to:
1) be a link person between the vision and the Kindy families.
2) help facilitate and advertise 2 gatherings a term for the family group.  We are envisioning for 2015 one for the class and one open to all, for each term.
3) Identify the families with the most connections and those who have yet to make connections.
4) Help those without connections to make connections.
5) be part of the evaluation of the project during the year and at the end of the year.