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Parish Projects

The following are some of the Dreams for the parish - and some of the steps we are doing to help them happen.

As we grow in Dreams for our Parish - may we learn to share them, and through prayer and hard work, allow God to use us to make them real.

Earl Nightingale said: "Here’s the key to success and the key to failure.
We become what we think about.
Now, let me repeat that. We become what we think about.
Throughout all history, the great wise men and teachers, philosophers, and prophets have disagreed with one another on many different things. It is only on this one point that they are in complete and unanimous agreement.”

                                 Let's think with God about how we can help God's Kingdom come among us?

2017 Projects

The RCIA team walked with and guided 4 adults who joined our faith community at Easter. Welcome Jayne, Rachel, Corey and Fay.

50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Church Celebrations are being planned for 8th Oct.

The Parish Centre has reached the stage where construction is just around the corner. Thanks to the work of Kevin Gurney and John Day and the teams they have formed around them. We are hoping to start in July!

JPV significant developments have begun! See their website for details. They are also updating their Strategic Plan.

Regards Youth:
The GTK groups guided by Matty H have begun. These are senior youth finding ways of matching their passion and gifts to help Grow the Kingdom!
Matty H. has begun using the Adult Alpha course with our EPG (Eat, Play and Grow) young adults group.
He has also begun using the teenager course with a Y9 group.

This year we have offered Liturgies of Thanks and Affirmation. This has been a fruit flowing from the work that Anne Cosgrove did with some of our groups (the SOAR program).
So far we have done ones for our Liturgy People, Teachers, Pastoral Carers, and we will be doing one for our Youth.

Parish 2020 is being driven by the diocese and we are participating actively.

NCLS survey results from the 2016 Nov. survey are now with us and we are looking at ways of applying the data?

Preach Better Sermons
Looking for ways to enhance the quality of preaching in our parish.   See the link in the parish projects for some of the things being looked at.

2016 Projects

Link   Teacher Exploring and Dreaming

Fr Mick had open heart surgery (quintuple by-pass in May) ... so he was not able to be involved in many new projects.

Church at Engadine - Roof was restored after significant water damage.

2015 Projects

Don Bosco 200th Anniversary Celebrations.

Completion of the Memorial Garden

Nappa Conference on Aussie Models of Parish Ministry - May 7 and 8.  Read more ...

Confirmation Program.

Exploring how to support Refugees.

Sydney Alliance projects on 'Changing the Conversation around Refugees'.

Small group went to Heartbeat Ministry.

Small group went to Sydney Alliance 2 day training.

Exploring a group of people to focus on Family Issues such as Mother, Fathers Day and Messy Church.  (John and Susan McCormack)

Parish Community Centre.
We are exploring the possibility of building a Community Centre to provide more appropriate meeting/activity facilities for all parish groups. Community Centre.

2014 Projects

Planning for Bosco 2015 -
200th anniversary of Don Bosco's Birth.

JPV - Mission and Pastoral Care.
 Developing what has already begun there.
(Key person is Kim Mannix)

Ministry of Visitation - especially to the sick.
Fr Peter Rankin has taken this on and has made significant contacts.  If you know of someone who would appreciate a visit - contact Fr Peter; ( rankin@salesians.org.au or at the parish centre: 9520 8277)

Mother's Day mass - and Father's Day mass in 2014 - ideas are with the PPC and Liturgy Committee.
A man and a child will give a sharing on the gift of Motherhood at all masses over Mother's day.  PPC members are organising the speakers:
6pm Sat. Peter Strudwick
8am Margaret Heslin        7.30am Heath. Kathy Nelson
9.30am Kevin Grant         9.30am Heath. Fr Peter 
6 pm Kevin Kennedy        11am - Mary Anne Stuart
Guidelines for speakers -  read more

Commissioning Ministries at June 8 - Pentecost mass.  (Ideas with PPC and Liturgy)

Dreaming of how to connect with Couples/adults once their children have left school. 
(in process)
Fr Peter Rankin has gathered some parishioners around him and they are exploring this question.  (Thanks to Fr Peter and his team for dreaming.)

Salesian Youth Mission team SENT.
Continuing to develop.  (Thanks to Matty H. for this initiative and for all the work he is doing to make it happen)

Bosco Sports Mass  (Completed and we will build in 2015)   Happened March 2 at 9.30am
Thanks to PPC - Matt McEwan, Mary-Anne Stuart.

Introduction of Lay Leaders of the Liturgy of the Word with Communion. (Started in Feb.)
Started well - thanks to the 4 parishioners who are leading the services: Bryan Coupland, Annette Milross, Matt Humphreys and Ellen Dubber.
The PPC discerned a 5th parishioner Maria Burns, to join the team, and added the 5th Monday of the Month to the roster.

Family groups through the Kindergarten Classes. (Started term 1)
Working with the Family Educator Genevieve Dewberry this is well under way, and has exciting possibilities for our community.  Thanks to the mentor families of each class -:)

How can I serve? and On line Nominations for Ministries. (in process)
Attempting to explore ways to communicate needs and to give people a chance to nominate a wider cross section of the community to the ones that I am aware of.  See the supporting ministries link on the front page of the website.   Read More ..

Bosco Babies. (in process)  
An idea to merge our various initiatives for young families under some sort of Bosco Babies ministry/banner. It might help us to give a stronger sense of welcome and a real place for young families in our parish.

The first point of call for most new mothers in Engadine is the Community Health Centre.  After you have your baby you meet with the nurses within a week or two and often go to their weekly meeting /forum. Next you generally form a ‘mother’s group’ where you begin to go for coffee and then once the babies get a little older you find a playgroup to attend as a group.

The Health Centre have a community noticeboard and we will advertise all our initiatives under a Bosco Babies banner.          See the flyer we will use:    (Thanks Michelle Derrig)

Succession plans and paths within the different ministries.  (Happening ...  thanks Matt McEwen )

Welcoming Ministry for Families presenting Children for Baptism at Masses. (happening...)

Columbarium continuing ... see 2013 for details.

Achievement and Development Plans for Parishioners.  - Fr Mick

Exploring Confirmation Program in 2015 - Fr Mick

2013 Projects

Follow up from our Parish Mission with the Catholic Guy.
Little happened directly and in a systematic way.  However the mission was well received and individuals continue to be nourished by Bruce's emails and talks.

Mothers Day & Fathers Day Masses - Organised by the Men of the Parish.       Happened and was a big success .. Thanks

Sacramental Programs for our Children - and involvement of parents through on-line learning about sacraments.
There have been some technical problems that slowed down my anticipated time line.  Still in progress during 2014.

Columbarium - garden of remembrance.  Thanks to the hard working committee on this.
It is hoped this project will be completed in mid to late 2014  See more

Proclaim God's Word a homily Support Group: to support and improve this aspect of my ministry.
Is happening with Matty H. and with the Family Mass group.
The Homily Support Group has faded for various reasons - but I still like the idea.   Need to find a way for it to work with people?

Connect to the Giftedness of others and empower them to use their gifts.   Stewardship continues to explore.

Family mass focus expand to include families.
Has happened and will continue to develop.  
(Thanks to Kim Mannix)

Development of Sacramental Programs and Activities
Focus Sessions and Retreat days.

Family Educator Initiatives (Gen Dewberry) - 

To learn more about these contact Fr Mick (mcourt55@gmail.com)

From Previous Years:

Camps for our Youth.

Christmas Cabaret

Prayer Groups for Youth

Developments in the Churches - New Awning of Welcome.

Establishment of Vigils for Vocations and 24 hour Adoration.

Salesian Garden

Hospitality Roster  

An effort by some parishioners to have a voice around the issue of Sexual Abuse in the Church.  
They invite others to also express their views.
 (click to go to their website)

ooks that might interest people of faith?
read more: