Weekly message--September 25

posted Sep 21, 2017, 7:05 AM by Jessica Brenden
Greetings Hallman Community!  

This is Jessica Brenden, Principal of Hallman Elementary School with your weekly Hallman message.  

This week, we have been getting really focused in classrooms, in teaching and reteaching routines, and recognizing students for following routines and meeting expectations.  Our huskies are doing great!  Give your kiddo a high five for being a great learner this week! When students don’t meet expectations repeatedly, we send home something called a “Notice of Concern.”  If you receive one of these, please read it over and call the school if you have questions.  If something bigger happens and we need your help, we will give you a call to talk about what happened and work as a team with you to develop a plan.  Together, we can do great things for your child!   

 In other news, there have been many questions about an opportunity to order Hallman Husky gear.  We are getting that organized, so watch Friday Folders for more information coming home about that. Thank you!  

Dismissal this week is going a little more smoothly.  80% of our students are picked up in 20 minutes, which is GREAT!  If you are in the 20%, please be sure to pick up your child or children in a timely manner.  Thanks!

 Also this week, I want to give you another reminder that we will start enforcing dress code on October 2.  Please call or visit with Mrs. Caudillo if you need help with clothing.

 Finally, our first assembly of the year will be on September 28.  At this assembly, we will be recognizing students who demonstrated excellent responsibility.  Families are always invited to these assemblies--we love having you join us!  

One last reminder: our parent group, Cafecitos, meets weekly from 9-11 on Fridays.  They are planning fundraisers to bring in money so they can plan fun family nights with food and games and maybe a movie.  If you want to be part of this bilingual group, please stop in!