Weekly message--September 11

posted Sep 8, 2017, 1:36 PM by Jessica Brenden
Greetings Hallman Community!  This is Jessica Brenden, principal of Hallman Elementary School with your weekly Hallman message.  I have a few reminders and a little news for you this week.  The first reminder is about dismissal.  If you are picking up by car, you can do that in front of the school.  Please stay in your car and work your way through the line so we can load your child and keep the line moving.  If you want to pick up by car but don’t want to wait in line, then we can release your child with the walkers to meet you at a designated spot in the neighborhood.  If you walk your child home, you can meet him or her at the back of the school.  Middle school siblings will be asked to wait off school grounds until school gets out, at which point they can meet siblings at the back of the school to walk them home.  Students who go home by bus or go to the Kroc center in the afternoons wait in the cafeteria until their busses arrive.  Thanks for your help with making dismissal go smoothly.  

Coming up this week at Hallman, we get to welcome our kindergarteners into the Hallman family!  We are excited to have them here and get to know them!  

The final reminder I have is that at this time of year, we practice locking down our school in case of dangerous situations.  This practice must happen in the first ten days of the school year.  Please talk to your children about why we practice what to do in dangerous situations, and that by practicing, we will know what to do and how to be safe if we are ever in a dangerous situation.  Thanks for your help in talking this over with your kids.

 Finally, you should know about a weekly parent meeting that happens.  It is called Cafecitos and all parents are invited.  This is a place where parents connect with one another AND share ideas and plan for school improvements.  This meeting WAS on Wednesdays before but has now moved to Fridays from 9 to 11.  See you there!  

Thanks for listening and have a great evening!