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Board Member & Committee Responsibilities

Salem High School PTSA

Board Members  responsibilities include

* being involved in their assigned committee and assisting  in areas as needed.

*attend General membership meetings- at least one rep from each committee  and one rep at  all

  Executive board members


 Committee Responsibilities-

*Each committee will have a chairman to report to the President& Board at each executive board meeting




Faculty Breakfast-Board Members  and volunteers  if needed

will help provide food and serve  (August )

Sweet Fridays  2-4  a year

Teacher Appreciation week-May

Senior Fun Day  -May arrange ice cream truck

Faculty Birthdays- 1 committee person assigned to recognize staff members  birthdays

With cards, e mail  etc



Joint meeting w/ALMS (alternate sites each year) Plan and implement  Program

Dessert with the Arts- Program. Assist with set up, pass out programs, assist as determined by

 Art and Culinary Arts Dept

(Announcements/Advertising to community are needed for each program, PR can help with this)



Compile Volunteer List each Year

 Be present at Pre Pay days, New Student Orientation,Back to School Night  to sign up volunteers

Compile volunteer  list , give copy  to  PTSA  President, Secretary, Committee chairs,SHS secretary, bookkeeper, and athletic director

Coordinate   Volunteers for :


 Health Screening (September)

School Physicals (May)

Faculty Breakfast (August)- if volunteers  needed

Senior Fun Day (May)

RAYSAC Week  if needed

Help  other committees  as needed -  make calls  to get  volunteers for   events  as needed


Way & Means:

Kroger Cards – be present to sell  cards at  Pre-pay Days, New Student Orientation, Back to School Night,PreRegistration Meeting, Dessert With The Arts)

Pass the Bucket  at  New Student Orientation, Back to School Night

Fundraisers-as approved by board/SHS  leadership



Plan and  implement Red Ribbon  festivities  with the school and  the community 

After Prom (Car)

Work with  Programs Committee  for  joint SHS /ALMS  General Membership Meeting  if RAYSAC issues  will be the program

Publicity/Public Relations-

Keep   other  Salem schools, council, school board and  general public  aware  of  PTSA programs , fundraisers, legislative issues.

Contact other  school  PTA board as needed  to interact  on  issues that  involve   multiple schools





After Prom:

 Plan  and  execute  Afterprom party

In conjunction with RAYSAC 

Bulletin Board  in April ( once  reflections done) to advertise for  Afterprom

Coordinate  income/monetary donations and expenditures  with  SHS  PTSA treasurer  (new 2012)

Choose  student (s)  reps  to be on  committee, up to discretion of chair how to choose the student(s)


Legacy Committee  be the contact person for PTSA members whose children have all graduated from SHS , but still desire to help on an as needed  basis.

Keep a current list of legacy members to share with volunteers  committee as needed


Student Representative chosen by Mrs Dyer from students that have expressed  an interest  in leadership, student government , or SCA. Do not have to be an officer.




PTA Council  Rep- attend  City of Salem  PTA Central  Council Meetings

Present  legislation  and tally   ballots @ Back to School Night- send result  to state PTA



 Membership Cards ( Faculty Breakfast (August ), New Student Orientation (August) , Back to School Night (September), Pre registration (January),

Maintain a membership  list and give copy  to secretary   annually

Send in dues to state PTA  3x  year  as directed in by laws (Oct, Dec , June)

Decorate Cafeteria  bulletin board   in August for  back to school



Yearly Contest.

Set Guidelines- inform teachers of  contest

Arrange for judging.

Present  Awards @ Dessert for the Arts  (April)

Cafeteria Bulletin Board  in  October 



 Minutes at each meeting.

Send out meeting reminders  1 week before  Board Meeting  with minutes of last meeting


Treasurer- Complete tax forms (990)  and send to state,

assist with audit, reimbursement of funds, keep checkbook,

 send in dues to state PTA (Oct , Dec , June),

 pay dues to Salem council of PTA’s for dues and  scholarships,

 pay bills for  insurance (due  by Sept 1st),

 provide monthly budget  report to board   for approval

Present audit  for  vote  of  approval  and  budget  for  upcoming  year  1st general membership meeting each year

Develop budget for upcoming year with  executive board  (July)



Oversee all committee activities, provide guidance to board,

Preside over  General Membership  and Board meetings

Follow PTSA responsibilities listed separately from state PTA

Update SHS PTSA  website at least annually  in August, then as needed

Maintain  SHS  PTSA  e mail address   at

Send in local units standard form to state  by  June 15th  to stay in good standing 

Assure  by laws updated  every  5 years (2013, 2018…)

Do article for  newletter  (4 times a year)

Attend  Salem PTA Central  meetings




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