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Start of Year Paperwork and Processes

Employee Handbook:
We are excited to announce that Salem City Schools has compiled an Employee Handbook for all employees!  

The information contained in the Employee Handbook is to provide general information for Salem City School employees.  This handbook reflects School Board policies, procedures and practices, employee benefits, right and responsibilities as an employee.  

To view Salem City Public Schools Employee Handbook select:  Employee Handbook

Health, Dental and Flexible Benefits:
Salem City Public Schools annual open enrollment is underway.  This is the time when you may enroll or change your health or dental insurance, sign-up for a flexible spending account, or make changes to voluntary deductions.

The new flex plan year will begin October 1, 2014 with employee enrollments being completed on-line beginning August 29 through September 12, 2014.  The open enrollment process will be completed on Kronos and instructions to gain access to the website are noted below.

    *    The username is your first initial of your first name and then your last name.  Ex: JSmith
    *    Your password is S@lem followed by your six digit employee number.  Ex: S@lem123456
    *    Upon successfully entering Kronos, you will click on Open Enrollment 2014 and follow the              on-screen directions. 

We are also excited to announce as part of our annual benefits meeting, representatives from Anthem, Ameritas, Health Savings Administrators and Flexible Benefits Administration will be available to provide employees a brief overview of benefits as well as answer questions you may have regarding your benefits.  Listed below are the benefit meeting dates that we strongly recommend for employees to attend.

 Date  Location    Attendees 


Blood Bourne Pathogens Course and Quiz
Acceptable Use Policy -

Note: The Acceptable Use Policy (IIBEA and IIBEA-BR) governs use of division equipment and networks.  School Board Policy and Regulations GCPC and GCPC-BR "Standards of Conduct for Employees" establishes the Board's standards of employee conduct and behavior for online environments and social networks accessed from elsewhere.

Employees with PowerSchool Login: Complete in the PowerSchool Portal 
  1. Go to your normal PowerSchool login page                                                    Teachers......http://powerschool.salem.k12.va.us/teachers or Staff............http://powerschool.salem.k12.va.us/admin
  2. Click on the PERSONALIZE link (on the left)
  4. Read both documents and enter your initials to affirm your acceptance
  5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page
Employees without PowerSchool logins:  Complete Paper Forms
  1. Obtain a paper copy of the Acceptable Use Policy from their school office
  2. Sign the agreement form  (IIBEA-Form)
  3. Return the signed agreement form to their school office