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The Official Earth Science SOL Study Center

ES 1 and 2
Planning and
Conducting Investigations
using maps and other tools
ES 3 
Characteristics of Earth & the Solar System
ES 1e  Variable Manipulation
ES 1 Calculating Density Practice
Use piece of paper to write your answers on. 

ES.01 Density - use your calculator.

ES 1 d (Maps and Globes)
ES 1 Practice picking latitude/longitude

Latitude and Longitude Practice

ES 1 Topographic Map Practice Quiz

ES 1 Practice on Topographic /Latitude/Longitude

ES 1 Maps Vocab

ES 1c Tools of the Scientist

ES 2

The Scientific Method

ES 2 Scientific Investigation

ES 2b Evaluating a Hypothesis
ES 3 a

ES 3 a Geocentric/Heliocentric

ES 3 a Rotation/Revolution

ES 3a Earth's Movement

ES 3 a Ordering Planets of the SS

ES 3 b

ES 3 b Seasons Diagram Practice

ES 3 bPhases of the Moon

ES 3 Moon Phases Practice vocab

ES 3b Phases of the Moon 2

ES 3b Eclipses

ES 3b Eclipses and Galaxies

ES 3 b Tides and Eclipses

ES 3 b Tides

ES 3 c

ES 3 c Comets Meteors Asteroids

ES 3 c Inner Planets Review Game

ES 3c Minor Space Objects Review Game

ES 3 c Mars vs Venus

ES 3 c Inner vs Outer Planet Review Game

ES 3 c Terrestrial and Gas Sort

ES 3c All Planets

ES 3 cSolar System Objects

ES 3c Moon Phases Practice

ES 3 d
ES.03.d Space History

ES 4a  Mineral Properties:
ES 4 a Mineral Properties (1)

ES 4 Mineral/Rock Vocab

ES 4 a Mineral ID Properties (2)

ES 4 a Mineral Properties Video

ES 4b Uses of Minerals:

ES 4 b Mineral Uses/Ore Minerals

ES 4 b Mineral Uses

ES 4b Mineral Uses

ES 4b Mineral Uses/Moh's Scale
ES 5 Rock cycle and Rock Names

ES 5 Rock Types

ES 5 abc Rock Characteristics

ES 5 Rock Formation

ES 5 a The Rock Cycle Zaption

ES 5 The Rock Cycle

ES 5 Rock Cycle Diagram
ES 5 Rock Cycle

ES 5 a Igneous rocks:

ES 5 a Ig rock practice quiz (must get an 80%)

ES 5 a ALL rocks practice

ES 5 Rock Characteristics Everything

ES 5a Igneous Rock Characteristics

ES 5 a Igneous Rock Youtube Lesson

ES 5 Mafic/Felsic

ES 5 a Igneous rock characteristics review

ES 5 a Igneous rock characteristics review 2

ES 5 a Igneous Rocks Video

ES 5 a Rock Names/Igneous Rocks

ES 5a Intrusive vs Extrusive video

ES 5 b sedimentary rocks:

ES 5 a All rocks practice

ES 5 b Sedimentary Rocks Practice

ES 5 a Sedimentary Rock Types Video Clip

ES 5 b Weathering Erosion and Deposition Review

ES 5 b Sedimentary Rocks

ES 5 b Sedimentary Rocks Video Clip (please use headphones!)

ES 5c Metamorphic rocks:

ES 5 a ALL rocks practice

ES 5 c All rocks practice

ES 5c Metamorphic Rocks

ES 5 a Rock Names Review


 ES 6
ES 7
Plate Boundaries
 ES 7 
& Earthquakes
ES 8
Soil, Karst, GW, Watersheds 

Ore Minerals

Renewable Energy

Nonrenewable Energy

Renewable Resources

ES 8 Cost & Benefit of Renewable Energy

ES 8 Nonrenewable Cost & Benefits

ES 8 CO2 or Clean?

ES 8 Nonrenewable resources

ES 7 a Geologic Processes & Resulting Features

ES 7 a Layers of the Earth & lithosphere

ES.07.a Divergent/Convergent

ES 7 a Geologic Processes Video

ES 7 a Geologic Processes Video

ES 7 a Geologic Processes

ES 7 a Geologic Processes-Layers of the Earth

ES 7 a Geologic Processes

ES 7 a Geologic Processes Plate Boundaries

ES 7 a Geologic Processes-Volcanoes

ES 7 b  Plate Boundary Drawing Tutorials

Video Tutorials:

ES 7 b Divergent Oceanic Oceanic

ES 7 b Divergent Continental Continental

ES 7 b Convergent Continental Continental

ES 7b Convergent Oceanic Oceanic

ES 7b Convergent Continental Oceanic

ES 7 Transform Plate Boundary

ES 7 b Plate Boundaries and Motions

ES 7 b Tectonic Forces Practice Quiz (must get an 80%)

ES 7 b Folding and Faulting Picture Practice

ES 7 b Volcano and EQ

ES 7 b Tectonic Forces pictures matching

ES 7 b Plate Motions Review Game

ES 7 b Plate Boundaries/Tectonic Processes

ES 7 b Plate Boundaries (evidence)

ES 7 b Plate Boundaries and Motions

ES 7 a Geologic Processes-Volcanoes

ES 7 a Geologic Processes-Volcano/Hawaii Formation video (please use headphones)

ES 7 a Stress Compression Forces Review

ES 7a Geologic Processes Earth Quakes Video
ES.08.a Soil

ES.08.b Karst

ES.08.c Groundwater

ES.08 Soil and Regions

Weathering and Erosion

 ES 9
 Earth's History 
 ES 10
 ES 11 & 12
Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
 ES 13
ES 9 a Fossils 

ES 9 a Fossils and Vocab

ES 9 b Laws of reading strata video clip (watch with headphones)

ES 9 b Super Position & Cross Cutting (do the Relative Age Assessment)

ES 9 Relative/Absolute Review

ES 9 c Relative vs Absolute Age Game

ES 9 Earth's History Review

ES 9 d Geologic periods & time Game

ES 9 Geologic Time Game
Ocean Basin Quiz

ES 12 Weather vs Climate

ES 12 Atmosphere Basics

ES 12 Layers of the Atms Clouds and Composition

 ES 11 Weather Maps and Fronts

ES 11 Earth's Atmosphere Practice Quiz

ES 11 Sea Breeze and Land Breeze Explanation

ES.11 Practice on Land and Sea Breezes

ES 11 Practice Reading Weather Maps

ES 11 Weather Practice Quiz

ES 11 Energy Transfer Processes 

ES 11 Earth's Atmosphere Layers

ES 11 Weather Characteristics sort

ES 11 Weather Fronts

ES.11.d Atmosphere/Volcano

ES 12 What is Climate?
ES 13 a Red Shift and star vocab

ES 13 a Big Bang & Space History

ES 13 b Big Bang & Galaxies

ES 13 b Big Bang Theory 

ES 13 b Stars and Stellar Evolution

HR Diagram Practice:
Life Cycle of a star

ES 13 HR Diagram Video Tutorial--please use headphones. WATCH FIRST BEFORE PRACTICING.

HR Diagram Practice