Welcome to Mrs. Guthrie's 5th grade website!

About Mrs. Guthrie:
     Hello!  This is my 21st year teaching students.  I spent 9 wonderful years teaching Kindergarten and 10 fantastic years teaching first grade.  This is my second year teaching 5th grade and I love it!  My first 19 years was spent teaching children to read and now I am teaching children to learn from their reading.  I am passionate about teaching with hands-on activities as often as possible.  I want my students to not only master a skill, but truly understand the concept behind the skills mastered.  I feel, and research has proven, that we learn best when we are actively engaged, so there is a lot of movement involved in my class. I want my students to feel safe to ask questions, explore concepts we are studying in many different ways, and have a genuine curiosity about the world in which we live. I hope to instill in my students a lifelong desire to learn and question, grow and dream, and continue to become responsible and respectful people.