Meet the Counselor

I am Mandy Dallas, a born and bred Salemite!  I graduated from Salem High School in 1992.  I studied Family Child Development with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and graduated from Virginia Tech.  I earned my Bachelor's degree in 1996 and came back to Salem to obtain a teaching position.  I was hired to teach fourth grade at G.W. Carver and then taught third grade the following three years.  

In 2000, I decided to continue my own education.  I left the classroom and entered into the Counseling program at Virginia Tech.  I passed a Nation Board Certification in addition to becoming a Licensed School Counselor in December of 2002.  I worked as a ninth grade Counselor at Patrick Henry High School until my first child was born.

While on maternity leave, the position at South Salem opened, and I was blessed to have been given the opportunity of becoming the Guidance Counselor at South Salem.  I have been here for twelve years and put my heart in soul in every single day that I serve our students.

I am grateful for our community and the extensive resources that are available to assist me in helping the families that live here.  I have an open-door policy and hope that anyone will contact me with questions or concerns for our students.