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A Club Days

Sept 13, Oct 18, Nov 8, Jan 24, Mar 27
SHS Spirit Club
Large Gym


German Club
Gym Lobby   

Skills USA (Tech/Auto B)
Room 246

RGP Club          
Art Dept.

Room 118

French Club

Young Republicans
Room 212

Graphics Arts Club
Room 243
Chess Club
Room 211
Art Honor Society
Art Dept
Tri-M Music Honor Society
Choir Room

Be A Buddy Club
Small Gym

Chinese Honor Society/Club
Room 274B

First Robotics    
Room 242

Leo Club
Room 123

Young Democrats
Room 202

Acts of Random Kindness Club
Johnson/P. Brugh 
Room 201

Environmental Club
Room 267
Upward Bound
Room 271
GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance
Room 279
American Sign Language Club
Room 109

B Club Days

Sept 20, Oct 25, Nov 15, Jan 31, Apr 3
Book Club
Visual Arts Club
Room 240
Susan Price 
Business Dept.
Trayce Coe
Room 204       
Remote Control Cars
Room 202
Interact Club 
Room 121
Math Club/Mu Alpha Theta
Room 256
Photography Club
Room 243
Key Club 
Room 212
Be A Buddy Club
Small Gym


Tri-M Music Honor Society
Choir Room
Guitar Club
Room 259
Anime Club
Room 274B
Room 242

Red Cross Club
Room 228
International Club
Room 209
Chess Club 
Room 211
Coding Club 
Media Center Lab
African American History
Room 224
Spanish Honor Society/Club
Upward Bound
Room 271


  1. African American History ClubThis organization is designed to promote interest in Black History and culture. To educate students on the rich heritage of African Americans and to support them in their own academic and personal growth.
  2. Acts of Random Kindness Club We help high school students face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time. The Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club strives to make high school a little more pleasant by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities, and projects, because it's the little things in life that make a difference.
  3. Anime Club:  The Anime Club of Salem High school is for students who have an interest in anime and Japanese culture.  During meetings, students will be introduced to a variety of anime across multiple genres, as well as use anime as lens to explore both ancient and modern Japanese culture.  Optional additional meetings are open to members who would like to further explore anime every Thursday after school. Additionally, members of the Anime Club will have the opportunity to take part in Roanoke’s annual Star City Anime Convention.  Our club welcomes both veterans and newcomers alike in sharing their passions for anime.
  4. Be a Buddy Club:  Be A Buddy Club provides a chance for students with and without disabilities to work together to build friendships. Peer buddies are friends, role models, guides, and above all peers. We work to build relationships through games, music, and fun activities.
  5. Book Club:  The Page Turners Book Club is for students who love reading! Students select several books per year to read and discuss, covering a wide variety of genres and interests. We also enjoy special events throughout the year, such as a movie and a field trip to an elementary school.
  6. Business Club:  Business Club is a social organization where students develop relationships with their peers and prospective business partners/employers. Students can relate what is learned in the classroom to the business world and are exposed to members from a variety of business professions through presentations from guest speakers.
  7. Chinese Honor Society/Club:  The Chinese Club/National Chinese Honor Society is an organization that strives to promote knowledge and appreciation for Chinese language and culture.  Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to participate in several club activities to broaden their knowledge about China’s rich legacy as one of the world’s oldest civilizations. In addition, students will organize events that focus on promoting an understanding of Chinese culture in the local student body and community, as well as participate in service projects to make an impact on a global level by providing aid for less fortunate peoples in China.  There are no requirements and all students are welcome to join the Chinese Club. Some students inducted as members of the National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) are those who have taken at least two years of Chinese, maintained an average of B or higher, and have demonstrated a devotion to citizenship, leadership and service.  
  8. Coding Club:  Coding Club is a place for girls and boys interested in learning and applying knowledge of programming, computer science and technology skills to program drones, robots, app development, challenges and more!  We will work together to use computer science to help out our community and hear from a variety of speakers in the field. We are looking for students who are ready to be leaders in making this club great! Whether you are new to programming or know multiple language this is a great opportunity to be part of the coding community!
  9. CyberPatriot Club:  CyberPatriot is a cyber security competition where students compete on teams to defend a network against hackers. Teams compete for the top placement within their state and region, and the top teams in the nation earn all-expenses paid trips to Baltimore, MD for the National Finals Competition where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money.
  10. DECA:  DECA is an Association of Marketing Students that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools around the world.  Students must be enrolled in a Marketing Education course to join. We participate in community service activities, competitive events, and leadership development.
  11. Environmental Club:  Environmental Club is designed to bring awareness to the daily impact we have on the world around us. Members of this club will help collect recyclable material throughout our school on a weekly basis. Members will also be able to promote recycling and advocate for our environment. During club meetings, members will have the opportunity to learn about environmental concerns in the Valley."
  12. FCA:  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student-run club that is open to ALL students (you don't have to be an athlete).  During our meeting time you can expect a student-lead Christian worship experience, small-group interactions, and fellowship.  It is our mission to build relationships and be a light for Jesus at Salem High School.
  13. FCCLA:  Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an organization for students who have been, or, are currently enrolled in a FACS course.  Everyone is part of a family, and FCCLA is the only Career and Technical Student Organization with the family as its central focus. The organization exists as an extension of classroom instruction to help members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.
  14. First Robotics:  FIRST Robotics Competition entails building a robot to compete against other high schools in an intensely exciting environment where teams can progress from local competitions all the way to the world championships. Students design, fabricate, and build robots weighing upwards of 150 pounds that are tasked with solving challenges that change yearly.
  15. French Club:  The French Club is a social club focused on French culture and language for students of all levels. It provides a cultural experience and a comfortable environment for students to socialize, have fun, and learn.
  16. Game Club:  Game Club is a space for people to play card, board, and video games with fellow gamers.
  17. German Club:  The SHS German Club meets on Club A days and is open to all German students who pay a minimal club dues.  The club is dedicated to exploring German culture with events like Local Colors, our Oktoberfest dance lesson, and the gingerbread house competition.  The club also volunteers at Feeding America each year and raises money for a scholarship and charities through the Advent calendar sale. In addition, the students write cards to the patients at the Salem VA Hospital and help the German Group at Local Colors with their festival booth.
  18. Graphic Arts Club:  Students interested in graphic design and about using computers to create artwork digitally are encouraged to join this club. Various topics will be covered along with school related activities focused towards graphic design (posters, magazines, websites, illustrating, Photoshop, ect...) subjects. Students wanting to learn more about Apple computers and using professional design software will have an opportunity to discover new ways of working and thinking.
  19. Guitar Club:  Guitar Club is open to anyone who plays guitar or would like to learn to play guitar.  It is very informal and there is no requirement to play or perform.
  20. Interact Club:  The Salem High School Interact Club is a service organization for high school students who desire to volunteer their time and aid their school and community. It gives high school students the opportunity to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of “Service Above Self”.  Our Interact club carries out a Pet Food Drive for our area shelters.  Interactors have the opportunity to attend the Rotary District Conference in March at the Homestead (free of charge), as well as attend one or more of the Thursday Rotary Luncheons at the Salem Civic Center. Interact is an international organization sponsored by the Rotary Club of Salem and Rotary International. The word Interact stands for international action.
  21. International Club:  To promote awareness, educate, encourage acceptance, and honor the rich heritage of diverse cultures.  The students will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, customs, dances, festivals, foods, cinema, and the ways of life in different parts of the world.
  22. Karaoke Club:  Karaoke Club is open to all students who love to sing Karaoke with youtube recordings. Only G-rated song lyrics will be allowed. Tri-M students may use this time to practice with the permission of their ensemble teacher in the practice rooms or band room.
  23. Keyettes:  Keyettes is open to all female students at Salem High School. We're a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through serving others. We frequently work with the elementary schools and the retirement communities in Salem.
  24. Key Club:  The Key Club is open to all male students at Salem High School.  Our big project is sponsoring the Homecoming Dance with Culinary Arts.  This helps us fund our activities for the rest of the year. The focus of the club is community service.  We work with the local Kiwanis organization on service projects throughout the community, as well as trying to plan our own service opportunities.
  25. LARP Club:  Live Action Role Play meets in the Art Room so that students have a place to come together with other students interested in Role Play such as in Renaissance Festivals.  Students discuss the creation of the adventure, story-line, characters, leaders, rules, props and more to enable them to produce the action off school grounds in settings and dates arranged by them. $5.00 club fee.
  26. Leo Club:  The Leo Club serves as the liaison between the Salem Lions Club and Salem High School.
  27. Math Club:  The Math Club provides students with an opportunity to investigate creative and different styles of math problems.  While we are a new club, we are excited about exploring interesting ideas in mathematics and working with peers. In the past, we have completed in the American Mathematics Competition at Radford University.
  28. Model General Assembly:  MGA is Model General Assembly and its primary purpose is to introduce high school students to the legislative process of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Legislation is debated in committees and on the floors of the actual Virginia Senate and House of Delegates.
  29. Photography Club:  Students interested in learning more about digital photography, lenses, camera bodies, lighting or other related topics can attend this club. Specific camera problems or issues can be addressed individually along with computer and software subjects. Students are encouraged to attend an open and friendly environment that allows for open ended conversations and self guided growth lessons surrounding photography.
  30. Red Cross Club:  The Red Cross Club engages with key national and international issues. We may help to alleviate the chronic blood shortage in America by co-hosting a blood drive.  We also assist local or national disasters. In the past, we have volunteered at the local food bank and helped to install smoke detectors with the local fire department.
  31. Remote Control Cars Club:  The Remote Control Car Club, or Spartan RC, is a student organization devoted to the hobby of remote control vehicles. Students build, race, and maintain their vehicles and exhibit them during club meetings. You do not have to have a vehicle to attend a club meeting.
  32. Skills USA Club (Tech/Auto Body):  SkillsUSA is a career and technical student organization serving more than 395,000 high school, college and middle school students and professional members enrolled in training programs in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including business and health occupations. Student members can compete against other schools at the district, state, and national levels in hands-on career competitions and leadership competitions.
  33. Spanish Club/Spanish Honor Society:  The Spanish Club, which is student-led, offers Spanish language students with an opportunity to learn more about culture and the language through hands-on and interactive activities. The club participates in at least one service project during the academic year. The Spanish Club recognizes students with excellence in language skills with a induction ceremony in the spring for the Spanish Honor Society.
  34. Spirit Club:  The Salem High School Spirit Club promotes school spirit throughout the year at SHS. The Spirit Club helps organize and plan  homecoming week, red ribbon week, the "Be a Buddy Club" basketball game, the Junior vs. Senior Powder Puff Football Game, and the "Special Olympics Spartan Sendoff". The Spirit Club is also responsible for Salem High School spirit days and pep rallies throughout the school year. Join the Spirit Club and help make Salem High School a spirit filled, fun environment for everyone involved.
  35. Tri-M Music Honor Society:  This honor society is open to Salem High School students enrolled in a music class with a 3.5 or higher grade point average by invitation only that exhibit quality of leadership, scholarship, and integrity. Members are expected to perform or present to the membership at a club meeting or a Tri-M sponsored event like the Souper Bowl or Dessert For the Arts. Participation in our Prism Recital and Spring Inductions are mandatory for all members.
  36. Trivia Club:  "What is the only mammal that can truly fly? Who is the all time leading point scorer in NBA history? What is Walt Disney's middle name? What is the name of the hobbit played by Elijah Wood in the Lord of the Rings movies? How many state championships has the SHS Football Team won since 2015?  If you enjoy random tidbits of knowledge and putting that knowledge to the test, then Trivia Club is for you."
  37. Visual Arts Club:  The Visual Arts Club is open for any student to join, especially the students that are enrolled in an Art Class.  The club has a $5.00 fee in which the money goes towards art supplies for any particular project that the club will be exploring.  Also there will be invited Artists that will share and speak about their work with the club. The club will meet in the Art Room, Room 240A during Activity Schedule.
  38. Young Democrats:  The Young Democrats club is an opportunity for progressive students to meet and discuss political topics. The club is not affiliated in any state or national organization but instead focuses on local service projects. Past activities have included canvassing on behalf of  Democratic candidates, debating with the Young Republicans and Young Libertarians, and supporting a local charity. Everyone is welcome.
  39. Young Republicans:  The Young Republicans Club is open to any student at Salem High School.  You do not have to be a Republican to join. The focus of the club is to foster respectful discussion about politics in the United States, and to improve our knowledge of the country's political systems and its interactions with global politics as well.  The key is to be open-minded and respectful. Possible activities include a debate with the Young Democrats and Young Libertarians, and a possible community service activity with those clubs as well.