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Welcome to language arts with the Sharpies!  Look at the left sidebar for additional information. This website is updated once each week, but the weekly plan and homework may change as reteaching/review require.  The homework written in the agenda planner is always the most current information.


This week's homework:  October 17-21
Monday-  Reading log due Monday, signed unit test, finish courtyard paragraph
Tuesday- Write 2 paragraphs of your paper (or for 15 minutes)
Wednesday-  Library tomorrow! Do two of our NoRedInk.com assignments by Tuesday.
Thursday-  Draft due tomorrow for extra credit- we'll write conclusions in class.
Friday- Draft due Monday. Reading log 5 due Monday.

This week's word study deadlines: none
        Green: HW set B and quiz on Wednesday
        Blue/Yellow/Red: HW set A on Monday, Set B on Thursday, quiz on Friday
        Purple: HW set A on Tuesday, set B and quiz on Friday

Special reminders: The PTSA Un-Fundraiser ends this week!


This week's homework:  October 10-14
Monday-  Reading log due Monday, green group word study set A due on Friday
Tuesday- Signed project, blue/yellow groups word study set A due Monday
Wednesday-  Finish courtyard paragraph, purple group word study set A due Tues.
Thursday-  Finish p. 315
Friday- Reading log 4 due Monday, finish prewriting. Green group word study set A due on Wednesday.

This week's special reminders: none


This week's homework:  October 3-7
Monday-  Reading log due Monday, study for test on Wednesday, crossword puzzle
Tuesday- Rewrite your summary for a higher grade (required for those not scoring an A), study for test
Wednesday-  Bring library books tomorrow
Thursday-  Store textbook at home
Friday- Reading log 3 due Monday

This week's special reminders: No word study homework this week due to test and library day. It will resume next week!


Audiobook links:   On My Honor   Soldier's Heart    Call It Courage: You must log into Moodle to access this book.

This week's homework:  September 26-30
Monday-  Reading log due Monday, plot diagram project due Friday
Wednesday-  Begin studying for our unit test on Tuesday

This week's special reminders: No word study homework this week; please focus on your plot diagram project!


Audiobook links:   On My Honor   Soldier's Heart    Call It Courage: You must log into Moodle to access this book.

This week's homework:  September 19-23
Monday-  Word study HW #8, study word study
1 reading log due tom.
Wednesday-  1 reading log due tom.
Thursday-  1 reading log due tom.
Friday- none if you are caught up on reading logs!

This week's special reminders: No word study homework after our quiz on Tuesday, unless you must do a retake. Bring your parents to Back to School night on Tuesday and your money for pictures on Wednesday!


This week's homework:  September 12-16
Monday-  Word study HW #1
Word study HW #3
Wednesday-  Word study HW #2 or 4
Thursday-  Word study HW #6
Friday- Word study HW #7

This week's special reminders: I will check word study homework daily for this week only. Later in the year, I will collect it after three nights. We are taking our MAP test on Tuesday and Wednesday; I will share scores via Parent Portal sometime next week.


This week's homework:  September 6-9
Due Friday: signed parent letter, folder with prongs turned in, and dividers labeled in binder
Wednesday-  Finish your "Who am I?" riddle paragraph

This week's special reminders: 

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