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Below you will find some information to help you get through this exciting year. Please refer to your Parent/Student Handbook for clarification and more detailed information.

ABSENCES/TARDIES: Class starts at 7:45 with the tardy bell ringing at 7:50. A tardy slip will be needed from the office if your child is not in the classroom by 7:50. Lunch counts are sent to the office by 8:15. If tardy, a parent must sign in the student in the office. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:30-7:50. A bag breakfast will be available after 7:50 to be taken to the classroom. If you would like schoolwork missed to be sent home, please contact the school by 8:30 a.m. for this information to be prepared for pick-up at 2:20. Upon your child’s return to school after an absence, please send a written note or physician's excuse. Excessive and/or chronic tardiness or absenteeism may result in a referral to the School Social Worker, School Nurse, Student Support Team Committee, and/or retention in that grade.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Good attendance during the elementary school years is critical for student success. Please make every attempt to defer family trips or outings when school is in session. We want your child to have every opportunity to succeed. Attendance certificates will be given at the end of the school year. Perfect Attendance certificates will be given for students who have zero absences and no more than 5 tardies. Superior Attendance certificates will be given for students who have 1-3 absences and no more than 5 tardies.

CELL PHONES: Students are not allowed to have a cell phone out of their bookbags or turned on during school hours. Parents, please be respectful of appointment/conference times and refrain from answering your cell phone during these times.

CHECK POLICY: All checks should be made payable to West Salem Elementary School. All checks must have your full name, street address, and telephone number. Separate checks must be paid to the cafeteria and office as they maintain separate accounting systems.

CONFERENCES: There are two Parent/Teacher Conference Days scheduled into the school calendar. I will request a conference with each parent in November to discuss progress/concerns. If you would like to have a conference at any other time, please notify me and we will schedule one at a mutually convenient time.

DAILY/HOMEWORK FOLDER: Please check your child’s West Salem folder every day. Notices from the office will be placed in this folder. I will also send home papers that I have checked in this folder. These papers have already been corrected in class and can be kept at home. Please review graded papers with your child as they are sent home. Homework should also be placed in the RETURN TO SCHOOL pocket of the folder.

DRESS CODE: Students should wear appropriate clothing for school as outlined in the policy/conduct code. Take note of the new requirements mandated by the School Board. Consider sending a sweater or jacket to keep at school for air conditioning defense. SNEAKERS are needed every day for recess or PE!

DROP OFF: Arrival time for students begins at 7:30. Please do not drop students off before this time. Student drop off is on the 3rd grade hallway opposite the bus loading/unloading area. For safety reasons, please do NOT drop off in the front of the building.

EARLY DISMISSALS: All students MUST be signed out in the office if you plan to leave before the end of the day. If you know before the beginning of the school day that your child will be leaving early, please send a note or call the office to notify us. This allows me to get work together and explain homework. For safety during afternoon dismissal, please arrive to pick up the student prior to 1:45.

ENCORE: Please refer to the 2019-2020 Encore schedule.

10:40-11:25 – ENCORE

Day 1 – Library

Day 2 – Art

Day 3 – PE (Dallas)

Day 4 – PE (Dallas)

Day 5 – Library

Day 6 – Guidance

Day 7 – Music

Day 8 – PE (Fedison)

We are on an 8 day rotation for special area classes. Your child will need tennis shoes here at school to participate in PE and recess. Your child will not be allowed to participate in any PE unless they have tennis shoes.

HOMEWORK: Please check your child’s West Salem folder each night and review the assignment after it is completed by your child. Return completed homework in the same folder every day. If your child forgets their textbook at school, the Salem Public Library has a complete set of books. Be mindful that the school closes at 3:30 and no one will be allowed in the building to retrieve forgotten items. Please be aware that homework is assigned to aid in the understanding of material taught in class.

LUNCH: Our cafeteria participates in a computerized debit system that allows parents to pay in advance for meals and/or a la carte foods. Parents may limit the amount of a la carte items purchased by contacting the cafeteria manager and designating what may be purchased. You may sign up for this debit system at www.myschoolbucks.com. If you are planning to join your child for lunch, state and federal regulations state "Fast Food" may NOT be brought into our cafeteria.

MEDICINE: If your child needs to take medication during the school day, you will need to notify the office and complete the necessary paperwork. All medication must be kept in the nurse's office. No medication (prescription and over-the-counter) is to be transported to or from school by the student.

PTA: I would like to encourage each of you to join the PTA at West Salem. The dues are $5.00. Anyone is welcome to join! We would like to see 100% participation.

PARENT EXPECTATIONS: The curriculum and SOL requirements are demanding for teachers, students, and parents. Homework needs your supervision and should be completed each night. Adult help is needed in studying/reviewing notes for tests. Students need to read their stories with an adult. Please check papers sent home to see what skills are being introduced and practiced. Extra time on a particular skill may be needed from time to time. If you are not reading the planner and checking/assisting with homework, your child’s progress will be affected.

PARTIES: PTA will plan class parties. Our room parent will contact parents who have indicated they are willing to help with parties. Parents wishing to provide treats for the class in honor of their child's birthday should deliver them to the office so as not to interfere with instruction. Treats should be limited to items that can be passed out by the child in a quick and efficient manner. Birthday parties at school are not permitted. Party invitations cannot be handed out at school unless there is an invitation for EACH child in the class.

PLANNER (agenda book): Homework is assigned on Monday – Thursday each school week. There are no assignments over the weekend unless we have an on-going project. Please check the planner each night. If you cannot read your child’s handwriting or you have a question about the assignment, you may check ClassTag.


SNACK: We have one MORNING snack every day. The school does not sell snack items. Ice cream will only be sold at lunch as an a la carte item. I encourage you to send nutritious snacks. Soda, candy, and chocolates will not be permitted as snack items.

SUBJECT FOLDERS/NOTEBOOKS: Study notes are kept in folders and notebooks. Please use these folders and notebooks to help review and prepare for tests. Subject folders and notebooks are used daily so please send them back to school each day.

TRANSPORTATION CHANGES: Any changes in transportation from school must be made IN WRITING OR PHONED INTO THE OFFICE by 1:00 p.m. Please be sure to date all notes and include the bus number they will ride, if possible. I will send the child home in the customary manner unless I have the note or phone message from you. Please do not send an email if your child has a transportation change. If I am absent or the server is down, your request will not be seen by me and your child will follow the regular transportation method.

VISITORS/VOLUNTEERS: Please sign in at the main office and wear a visitor’s badge in the school at all times. You can only enter and exit through the main door at the office. The building and office are closed at 3:30. We ask you not to visit classrooms unless you are volunteering. This helps to minimize interruptions to instruction and protects privacy of classmates.

Please keep in contact with me and keep me posted on events happening at home that may affect your child’s performance at school. I will always respect your privacy.

· Views and ideas expressed do not officially represent the views and opinions of the City of Salem Schools.

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