Title I is a federally funded program most recently reauthorized under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Salem’s Title I program serves two schools - East Salem Elementary School and G. W. Carver Elementary School - in the content areas of reading and math. Virginia is currently operating under a waiver submitted by the Virginia Department of Education and approved by the U. S. Department of Education. In addition to their regular classroom instruction, students in those schools may be provided with supplemental instructional assistance. The assistance maybe provided by a Title I teacher or a Title I instructional assistant. The assistance may occur within the student’s regular classroom, or the student may leave the classroom for small group or one-on-one instructional support with a Title I teacher.


Title I teachers are certified and endorsed to work with children in the elementary schools. They also have specialized training in reading instruction and/or instruction. Title I instructional assistants meet the federal guidelines for highly qualified paraprofessionals.


Title I’s primary goal is to provide individualized or small group instructional support for students who are working below their academic grade level or experiencing academic difficulties in reading and/or math. Salem’s Title I programs are schoolwide so Title I teachers may provide support to all students as needed and Title I funds are used throughout the school to provide extra instructional supplies and support.

Each year the Title I teachers, school administrators, school staff, and members of the school community work together to review student achievement results and to determine the needs and goals of the Title I program for the coming year. The school then develops its School Improvement Plan that includes its Title I Plan.


Parent involvement and family engagement are critically important to the success of the Title I program. Title I schools encourage parents to utilize the resources in the Title I Resource Center, to participate in school conferences, activities, etc., and to support their child in education. There is also a Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC), composed of parents, teachers, and administrators at each school that advises the Title I program. Each PAC makes recommendations for improvement or suggestions for ways to better meet the needs of the students. The PAC meets at least four times each year, including a celebration of student achievement in the spring.

For more information, contact Kristyn Schmidt, Principal (540-387-2492)

G. W. Carver Elementary School, or Diane Washenberger, Director of Instruction, Salem City Schools (540-389-0130).


Title I Overview 2017