School Supply List

School Supplies



    1. Tennis shoes (to be used daily for P.E.).  If your child wears tennis shoes every day, he/she will not need an extra pair.
    1. 1  pair of high quality school scissors.  (blunt tipped)
    2. Bath-size towel for rest time.  (Beach towels are too large)
    3. Extra set of clothes (underpants, slacks, shirt, socks in a ziplock bag) for emergencies
    4. Back pack to be carried back and forth every day  (no roller bags)
    5. plastic folders with pockets to be carried in the back pack daily.
    6. Change purse
    7. 20  white glue sticks (1st semester) 20 white glue sticks (2nd semester)
      (buying 40 glue sticks while back-to-school supplies are on sale is much cheaper)
    1. 2  boxes of crayons (8 count)
    2. 3  boxes of crayons (24 count)
    3. 1 pack 10 classic color markers
    4. 1  5”x 8” plastic school box
    5. 1  spiral notebook
    6. 3 plastic pocket folders w/ 3 brads
    7. Baby wipes
    8.  Boys ~ 1 package of non-coated plain white paper plates
    9.  Girls ~ 1 large package of napkins
    10.  100 pack of 3x5 index cards without lines
    11. Crayola water color set  (8 colors)
    12. 1 pack of yellow, plain pencils

     If you are unable to purchase some or all of these supplies, please call the school at 375-7001.

    Including coats, jackets, lunchboxes, and backpacks.

First Grade Supply List

-tennis shoes for daily P.E. class

 -book bag

 -12 LARGE glue sticks

 -4 marbled notebooks

 -4 boxes of 24 crayons

 -1 box broad tipped markers classic colors

 -2 doz. yellow #2 pencils sharpened

 -1 pack of cap erasers

 -2 highlighters

 -1 pair of high quality school scissors

 -1 small plastic school box

 -1 sturdy clipboard

 -1 set of addition flashcards

 -1 set of subtraction flashcards

 -2 dry erase markers

  Please be sure your child’s name is clearly written on:

  tennis shoes, change purse, crayons, and scissors. Please print your child’s name on the front cover of folders. Bookbag should

  be large enough to hold folders.    

   Second Grade Supply List

 -1 sturdy zipper pouch

 -1 small pack thin-tip non-permanent markers

 -1 small pack broad-tip non-permanent markers

 -2 highlighters

 -1 pair high quality school scissors

 -1 pack colored pencils

 -2 boxes 24 crayons

 -12 large glue sticks

 -2 Elmer’s liquid glue

 -2 dozen #2 pencils (Yellow Only)

 -7  marbled wide-ruled notebooks

 -2 plastic folders with inside pockets

 -2 packs erasers

 -1 sturdy clipboard ~ with name

 - bookbag not on rollers

  -tennis shoes for daily PE class


  Third Grade Supply List

 -4 marble notebooks (not college-ruled)

 -6 plastic folders with pockets and fasteners

 -2 pack of loose leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled only)

 -1 sturdy clipboard (not plastic)

 -1 pouch that zips and contains the following items:

  *2 small boxes of fine tipped markers – not permanent

  *2 small box of crayons

  *2 boxes colored pencils *Important*

  *1 pair high quality school scissors

    *12 glue sticks

  *1 small personal pencil sharpener with cover for shavings

  *2 doz. #2 pencils (sharpened, not mechanical and not Rose Art brand)

  *4 pkgs. lined 3x5 index cards

  *1 pair of tennis shoes for daily P.E. classes

  Please make sure your child’s name is on all notebooks, folders, scissors, clipboard, and zipper pouch.

  No Trapper Keepers!

Fourth Grade Supply List

-8 marble (wide rule) notebooks         

-2 plastic folders w/ inside pockets

-2 packs of fine-tip markers

-2 packs of colored pencils

-2 highlighters

-2 packs loose leaf paper (not college-ruled)

-2 doz. #2 pencils  (no mechanical pencils)

-1 pair of high quality school scissors

-6 large or 12 small glue sticks

-pencil pouch

-tennis shoes for daily P.E. class


**Please make sure your child’s name is on all supplies.

No Trapper Keepers!


Fifth Grade Supply List

- 1 – (5) subject spiral notebook-WIDE RULE ONLY – NO PERFORATIONS

- 5 marble composition notebooks

- 4 plastic pocket folders with fasteners (4 different colors)

- 2 packs loose leaf notebook paper-WIDE RULE ONLY

- 2 dozen #2 pencils – NO MECHANICAL PENCILS

- 2-3 pens for checking – any color

- 2 pkgs. fine-tipped markers – no Sharpies or permanent markers

- 1 pkg. colored pencils

- 4 highlighters (any color)

- 6 large glue sticks

- 1 pair SCHOOL scissors

- 1 ZIPPER pencil pouch

If you are unable to purchase some or all of these supplies, please call the school at 375-7001.