Chapter By-Laws

Members must abide by all rules stated by the Beta Beta Beta National Honor Society and Salem College.

Members may be placed on probation or suspended from the chapter if they are not meeting the criteria.
Grades, volunteer hours, meeting attendance, and adherence to the code of conduct will be reviewed regularly.

Meeting Attendance

  • Attendance to meetings is required.
  • 1 absence will be excused per semester.
  • Additional absences may be excused if presented to board.


  • Volunteer hours are required of every member.
  • Additional volunteer hours may be allowed for makeup of a missed meeting
  • 8 hours of Tri-Beta approved activities per semester required for full members
  • 4 hours for associate members.
    • This is not limited to activities directed by the chapter. If a member wishes to volunteer in a biology-related activity outside of those that are club sponsored, it must be approved by the board members. The chapter will require pictures of the activity to post in the club scrapbook.

Code of Conduct
  • Follows the Salem College code of conduct and honor code. Members are always expected to support and uplift one another.
  • The Honor Code can be found on page 19 of your handbook.
  • The Salem College description of Tri-Beta can be found on page 82 of your handbook.

Chapter Dues

  • $5.00 will be expected from each member per academic year to retain chapter membership. This does not constitute as national membership.