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Resume Development

Say "Yes" to more career opportunities!
Our Resume Services accelerate your search for the right job, by ensuring your resume highlights your competencies and accomplishments in a format that recruiters prefer and it gets maximum visibility on our site to reach best of recruiters!
  • Our team of experts is in constant touch with you to write a resume that fits your needs
  • Premium CV for a more personalised service
  • Our experts know what recruiters look for in resume - get that edge
    Resume Development
    An impressive CV for the first impression. A good first impression can get you that job!
    • Get your CV written by experts with over 8 yrs. of experience in having written over 75,000 CVs.
    • Get a CV that communicates your strengths and achievements.
    • Our unique Interactive CV writing process helps discover your hidden skills / competencies.
    Prices start from Rs. 580/-  
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    1. Resume Development Service helps you cover your vast experience, accomplishments and technical capabilities and ensures your resume is appealing and relevant.
    2. Your resume is reworded and formatted to the standards of the industry you work in.
    3. We conduct an in depth analysis of the information provided by you in your CV. In case the information provided to us is insufficient; the developer working on your resume will get in touch with you for additional information to enrich your resume.
    4. Your Resume goes through a careful quality check before being sent to the you.
    5. We take 7 working days to develop your CV from the receipt of your payment and resume. If you are in a rush to apply to a job we recommend our Express Resume Writing Service which delivers in 4 days.
    6. Resume Development prices start at Rs. 580.

    Response Booster
    Two services to enhance your CV's visibility and reach!
    • We send your CV to TOP consultants in India & Gulf.
    • We help you in your jobsearch by finding online jobs most relevant to your profile and apply to them on your behalf begining the day your service is activated.
    • You become eligible for vacancies that are not published.
    • We mark your profile as a "Featured Profile" & make your CV more visible to 50,000 recruiters.
    • You can choose to keep your job search confidential.
    Prices start from Rs. 900/-
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    Resume Display:
    1. Over top recruiters and HR managers who visit salahkaarconsultants.com can access your resume with our Resume Display Service.
    2. This service gives you double benefits by
      • Making your CV appear in an exclusive database our home page CV search.
      • Giving you extra visibility in our jobseeker database searched by our recruiters. You resume gets highlighted as a "Listed Profile" in the jobseeker database, which implies that you are actively searching for a job, thereby increasing your chances of selection.
    3. You can avail Resume Display service for 12 months for Rs 750/-or USD 35.
    Recruitment Firm Directory Data base:
    You hold this key data base to
    1. Which consultant fit you best.
    2. Talk and write to them.
    3. Send resume to them.

    Prices only Rs. 500/- for soft copy of directory 

    On completion of both the services, Resume Display & Resume Flash, a confirmation mail is sent to your mail id.

    Value Packs
    Value-for-money Combinations of our services.
    Get more for less!
    • Get the power of Resume Development & Response Booster Services in one package.
    • Get discounts as high as 30% as opposed to buying individual services.
    • End-to-end job-search solutions that work!
    1. You become eligible for discounts when you buy more than one service.
    2. We have pre defined combinations of Resume Development and Response Booster services called Value Packs, which allow you discounts as high as 30%.
    1. Our discounts start from 10% and go up to 30% depending upon the combinations of services you have selected.

      The table below will help you understand our discount structure better.
              Total price of service to be availed 
                 Rs 1500 to Rs 2000  (get discount of 14%)
                 Rs 2001 to Rs 2500  (get discount of 20%)
                 Rs 2501 to Rs 3000  (get discount of 25%)
                 Rs 3001 to Rs 3500  (get discount of 30%)  
                 Rs 3501 to Rs 4000  (get discount of 35%)

    1. The discount percentage increases when you add more services to your purchase. You can also choose any pre-defined Value Pack and avail these fabulous discounts.
    Resume Development Service - Rs 1300
    Express Resume Development Service - Rs 1700
    Premium Resume Development - Rs 2900
    Resume Development for freshers - Rs 580
    Value Packs - We Recommend
    Premium Resume Development Value Pack
    • Resume Display for 12 months
    • Get 1000 Domestic Consultants Data so that you can call and followup 
    • Premium CV-Consultation, Cover Letter, 2 copies of CV, Word/PDF format in CD-delivered at doorstep
    You Save
    INR. 3400
    Express Value Pack 1
    • Resume Display for 12 months
    • Resume Flash1000 Domestic Consultants
    • Express Resume Development Service in 4 days.
    You Save
    INR. 2300
    Express Value Pack 2
    • Resume Display for 12 months
    • Resume Flash1000 Domestic Consultants
    • Cover Letter
    • Express Resume Development Service in 4 days.
    You Save
    INR. 2450/-