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Temp Contract Hire

Temp Contracts Divsion of Salahkaar Consultants


Temp Contract Hiring Advantage: For client

“Just-in-time” workforce.

Greater cost saving by cutting on cost& time of hiring

Faster resource mobilization & demobilization

Lest obligations & procedures

Temp Contract Hiring Advantage: For candidate much more than a job

Satisfied career on tip with your choice of employer & technologies.

Great deal for enhancing the career with best of the pay.

Opportunities to work on wider range of technologies

Greater earning potential

Temp to permanent employment options

TEMP – Resources when you need them.

When the cat eats the rat its not important whether it’s a white or black cat. A job is a job’ whether temporary or permanent it does not matter.

Why Temping?

• Find the right person for the right job at the right price
• Reduce your costs
• Lower liabilities
• Outsource non-core areas of business to remain focused
• Improve profitability

Advantage to clients:

Today, the focus is on cost effective offerings to clients with competitive performance. To remain cost effective add more clients & improves bottom line performance. The skills of the workforce hiring adds to greater savings.

Our client can be sure of consistent high quality service provision, without the expense and distraction of repeated recruitment and training processes

We at Salahkaar Consultants provide customised resource solutions based on client specific needs to provide quality resources in budget.

Our Temping Solutions - Right Person, Right Price, Right Time

• Fastest turnaround times delivering the right candidates for your temporary/contract requirements - we work with our clients to agree exactly what they need, and how best to attain this up front in every recruitment exercise.
• We work with committed timelines / critical path deadlines and delivering in accordance with these.

Salahkaar Consultants will consistently deliver the results you are looking for to add value to your resource pool & improve your business profitability day-by-day & month-over-month.

Make savings by reduced Costs

We offer complete solutions & not only resources - Through application of our comprehensive needs analysis, candidate sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, assessment and training, we guarantee delivery of the right candidate to meet your needs.

By delivering this in agreed timeframes, with full follow up and candidate care, we can significantly reduce your turnover / attrition costs - and make sure that when HR /Recruitment services are provided you get the right person for the job - first time, every time.
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