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Indians for Internation Jobs

What we do?

Our IIJ (Indians for International Jobs) division of Salahkaar Consultants provides employees for all type of category like manager, engineers, accountants skilled and similar workforces from India to different industries for your projects.


Your location could be in the Middle East, Far East, European and American Continents., we can help you to give your quality hardworking and smart Indian at reasonable salary cost.


We can also provide team of professional and setup your division.



You can take candidates on our payroll and after expericing them for six months to an year time, you may think to employee them on your pay roll.


We give you choice of process and variety of candidates.


Interviews will be telephonic and by way of video conference plus we will do reference and background checks along with our guarantee to replace in first three months if you dislike them.


You get quality skilled professionals but still very economical options.




Modus Operandi


Understanding your Needs

We study your requirement and discuss the details with your representative to obtain a complete understanding of your needs. Should you so desire, our executive may even visit.
You for formal discussion. We work closely with our customers, to clearly understand how our business relationship with them can grow. After this we ask you to submit documents like Agency Agreement, Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Employee Services Agreement etc. to provide you a prompt service.

Evaluation of Personnel

Our executive team takes over from here. We refer to our existing network and receive immediate feed back on the availability of the required personnel. We make special effort to keep our data bank updated and duly supplement it periodically. In order to widen our choice or to locate persons to meet your precise specifications, we may also advertise in the media or if necessary, resort to head hunt.

We scrutinize the resumes and also bio-data received and shortlist the candidates based on merit and then invite them for an interview. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the job specification and match the candidates to meet the employer-employee equation, to avoid any disappointment due to a mismatch. The final short listed resumes / bio-data are dispatched to the employer for his final selection.

The Selection Options

To make the final selections we offer the following options for consideration by the client.

The entire selection procedure is left to Salahkaar Consultants, where a team of professional / experts will take on the full responsibility of providing you the best work force as per your job specifications.

In case the principal employer wishes to carry out the selection through his team of experts, we welcome the client’s team to visit our office in New Delhi (India). We shall provide all assistance in carrying out trade test / interview. All associated amenities are provided by IMR.

Medical Checkup

We retain the services of the best hospitals and clinics in India, which as per demand we are accredited by Dept. of Labour and from the Embassies to conduct medical examination of all the personnel intending to work abroad. Examination includes HIV/AIDS Test (This test is compulsory), Blood Test, Chest X -Ray, Urine & Stool Test, or any other kind of examination that might be specially requested by the client.

Follow up

With each new assignment, our workers have to work with unfamiliar people, new procedures, and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. This makes far more confident and better-prepared workers.

We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure formalities, so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical check up, processing of travel documents, immigration formalities and air tickets are taken care by us.

Feedback from Client

We keep in contact with the client even later to get a feedback from the client and endeavor to improve our system to give even better service to the client.

Our Guarantee

We assure all our clients that personnel selected through us are the best available, medically fit and free from any infectious diseases. We offer a replacement, free of cost, within the probationary period of three months in case a candidate is found medically unfit, professionally incompetent or otherwise unsuitable. IMR will bear the expenses (Visa cost and Air Ticket) in sending such candidates back to their home country.






Business Partnership


We, at Salahkaar Consultants, seek your indulgence and make a business proposal, which could be of immense business interest to you. By way of self-introduction, we are a Human Resources Development Company, Salahkaar’s division for international recruitment by Indian staff and have enjoyed a position of eminence in the field of recruitment of technical and on-technical personnel for undertakings abroad. We are located at Pune, Indian and other cities from where we operate through a large number of field.

We have units and associates in major cities in India and abroad. Salahkaar Consultants has over 30 years of experience in the field of HR / recruitment and as per need are approved by Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. This authorizes Salahkaar Consultants to recruit and depute unlimited number of personnel for assignments abroad.

As a prominent agency for recruitment of Indian manpower for work overseas, we have been active in the fields of Teaching (High Schools, Universities, Language Institutes, Engineering Colleges etc.), Engineering Projects, Oil & Gas Industry, Marine/shipping, offshore Projects and Pipeline works, Building construction, Health care and Hospitality Industry. While we provide Managers, Engineers, Doctors and Teachers & Nurses in various disciplines, we are equally proficient to meet your entire requirement for Skilled in various categories.

With Globalization and policy of liberalization adopted by the government, fresh opportunities are coming up. multi-national companies are seeking business associates in India any we proposed to extend our services in this field. As you operate in the field of manpower recruitment, we make this proposal to you and would like to explore the possibilities of a business relationship between us, whereby we can work in association, which could be mutually beneficial.

Our Offices is in a commercial center, well furnished, equipped with all communication facilities and office automation's. Experienced and proficient staff mans the office.

India has a large number of institutes and universities, turning our well-qualified and skilled persons. These large work forces gets ample opportunities to have field experience in various industrial establishments here and after honing their skills are available to take up any challenging jobs anywhere in the world.

Indian workmen are well known for their skill, hard work and sincerity. They enjoy excellent reputation of competence in trade and reliability. You may, therefore, like to recruit in India to meet all manpower requirements of your clients and we could work with you, or on your behalf, to help you meet all your obligations to your clients.

Recruiting Indian manpower brings with it some in-built advantages in the shape of:

Abundant and ready availability

Well qualified and experienced technical personnel

Good competence in trade

Sincerity, reliability and dependability

Very economical and cost effective

English is major medium of instructions in schools. Our
   workers generally have fair knowledge of English for
   ease of communication.

A large number of Indian workers have worked abroad,
   have experience of working in Multi-national environment
   and are again available to work abroad.

We have, of late, been recruiting for clients in Gulf countries, Middle East, Far East, EC countries and United States. Considering the vast opportunities in this field, there is plenty of scope for us to work together to tap the huge market for Indian manpower. We seek to have an association/alliance with you to work jointly, helping each other to make available the required manpower urgently and effectively.

Our association could be formalized as:

Authorized Representatives
Joint Venture
Business Associates
Partnership or
Retainer ship basis.

Such services rendered on behalf of each other could be on "Job basis" or on "One-off-fee" basis. The details could be worked out, discussed and finalized as and when the occasion arises.






Servicing you

Our strength lies in our being cost effective, fast in execution of projects and maintaining a sizeable computerized Data bank. All applicants are initially interviewed and trade tested in their particular fields, to be accepted in the data-bank. Our database consist of the entire gamut of human resources extending from artisans, supervisors, engineers, IT professionals, administrative staff, medical & paramedical and specialist in various fields.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has brought us to the forefront in resourcing business. Being the best is not easy, you are always being watched by the market critics. We stay ahead of competition by our diligence and our devotion to service. Better quality of service and price competitiveness has helped us to stay in a commanding position.

The areas we specialize in are Information Technology, Oil/Gas (Onshore/Offshore), Construction, Engineering, Marine, Catering, Health care, Computer (Hardware / Software). The fact that we have a network of offices in India, enables us to obtain personnel from specific areas in the country.

We lay emphasis on the individual solutions, which are mutually beneficial by matching right people with the right job thus providing a unique service to the industry. We take great care in properly identifying qualified, trained and experienced personnel for contractual or permanent employment. It is the quality of the professionals hired by the company, which ensures the winning edge over others in today’s highly competitive business world. The belief, which keeps us going, is that “there is always room at the top.”

The experience of the past decade has made us emerge as an agency specialized in internal recruitment. Besides placement of staff, we also offer consultancy service and assistance with Tenders, Salary Quotations, Charge rates, staff requirement and so on.

Our Clientele is associated with Petrochemicals, Power, Offshore, Oil & Gas Industries, Heavy construction, maintenance, Hospitality, Healthcare and Information Technology business. Salahkaar Consultants has also undertaken placement of Managers, Engineers, IT Professionals, Supervisors and Articians in various fields.

We still do not think of sitting back as "Success is a Journey and not a destination".

Contact us today and increse quality reduce job .... experience hardworking, skilled and less demanding Indian Workforce.



Kind Regards,

Salahkaar Consultants 

Client Service Team | IIJ (Indian for International Jobs Division)

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