About Us

60+ Years of Experience

Sakas Inc. has a proud history of serving the precision metal fabrication market since 1955. We can be your Single Source Supplier, taking your designs from drawings to finished parts, relieving you of the need to schedule multiple vendors. We can manufacture a prototype for customer inspection.

Sheet Metal Specialists

Job Shop Sheet Metal Fabrication has always been our specialty; encompassing a wide range of parts including chassis, panels, sub-assemblies and custom enclosures. We pride ourselves on our degree of finish work: painting and silkscreening; brushing, buffing and polishing; fastener installation and assembly.

Quality Workmanship

Sakas Inc. maintains extraordinary attention to detail. Depending on our customers' needs, we can offer a hand buffed and polished finish on stainless steel, or completed enclosures with seals, hinges and latches. We can add PEM style fasteners or standoffs. Inspection occurs at each step of our manufacturing process to ensure the successful completion and customer satisfaction of every job.