Mission : To help the low income and needy to lead a healthy life.

Hari Prasad Charitable (HPC) Trust is a free service oriented organization which has the Responsibility, Accountability and Dedication in servicing the low income groups and the needy. Centered in Konijerla Village of krishna district, our goal is to help people of neighboring villages across the borders of Krishna and Khammam districts. We are taking up multiple Non-Profit programs which will be helpful for the people living in villages. HPC Trust primary objective is to provide health care service through Medical Camps. Apart from that we also have other programs like providing financial aid to Merit students, Village development activities, etc.

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  • Monthly ayurvedic medical camps for people in and around Konijerla village. Two doctors will be in the camp to provide free consultation.
  • Provide free ayurvedic medicines to the people in the village.
  • Educating and encouraging the people of the village to attend these medical camps, which is a good opportunity for the low income and needy to address their health issues.
  • Providing Health Cards which will help them to track and follow up on their medical records.

  • Providing financial aid to "Merit" students to pursue next levels. 
  • Recognizing the "Merit" students based on their performance and hard-work.
  • Providing ID Cards to the students of the govt school in the village.

  • Created Infrastructure to celebrate the Wedding events without a Profit motto,
  • Anybody in the village or neighboring villages can book the Convention Center. Based on the size of their event, they need to bear only the utility and maintenance expense.

  • Donating foot wear to the poor and destitute.
  • Donating grooming kits to the poor and destitute.