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Welcome to Physics!
Hello! My name is Mrs.Dias and I will be your Physics instructor this year! This year we will explore the fundamental ideas about how the physical world works by studying the basic laws of nature. We will be looking at the world as scientists and strive to work together to understand and solve complex real world problems. 
Our class motto will be based on the famous equation E = mc2   invented by Albert Einstein in 1905.  This formula means that in order for you to excel and be successful, you need to be motivated and committed to working hard. Isn't that true for all classes!
Excellence = (motivation)(commitment)  
If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at sdias@saintviator.com or please leave a voicemail at ext.264. I will respond to you as soon as possible (within the next day school is in session).

All emails will be sent to the student's Saint Viator provided email, and will be copied to the parent email in student records. Any email to me from a student must be from the students Saint Viator email and must have a parent copied on the email.

My schedule for the 2018-19 year is as follows:
 Period Class Room
 1Integrated Science108 
 2Physics Lab 
 4Physics Lab 
 6Study Hall108 
 7Physics Lab H108 
 8Physics Lab 108 

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