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 Period Class Room
 1Spanish 2206

 HRSenior HR  206
 Spanish 3 Honors
 3Spanish 1206 
 4 Lunch
 5Querbes Hall
 6Spanish 2 206
 8Spanish 1 206

1.      Classroom Policies and Procedure

  • Students are required to be seated in the classroom when the bell rings. Three unexcused tardies within a semester will result in a detention.
  • Students are expected to stay engaged and actively participate. Students should use their target language as much as possible and try to the best of their abilities.
  • Students are responsible for communicating with their teachers, voicing their concerns, asking questions and seeking clarifications or help. Teachers’ schedules can be found on each individual web page.
  • Students cannot start packing their backpacks and / or start leaving prior to the final bell, especially when class is still in progress.
  • We treat each other with respect and dignity as members of a community of faith and learning. 
  • This is not a lunch period.  Eating, drinking or chewing gum is not permitted.
  •  Use the bathroom and drink water before class. You will not be allowed to go if you ask after the bell rings. If you think you may be late returning to class, put your books on your desk before you go to the bathroom. You need to be back in class within 5 minutes. If it is an emergency and need to leave the room, you still need to be back in class within 5 minutes.

2.      Responsible Use of Technology: Use iPad for educational purposes only

  • No VNP (virtual network providers). No inappropriate screensavers and No inappropriate backgrounds on the iPad. Transgressions will result in a detention.
  • No games are allowed in the classroom.
  • No searching the internet for information not related to class.
  • Only have iPad out when instructed to do so.
  • Only do work related to class on your iPad.
  • Erase your browsing history and close all apps at the beginning of class. 

3.      Homework Policy

  • Students must complete the homework on the due date before entering the classroom or no credits will be given. No late work will be accepted unless due to an absence or extenuating circumstances as determined by the teacher.
  • Students cannot work on homework during the class period unless given permission to do so.
  • Homework will be usually corrected in class. Selected assignments will be collected and graded separately with or without prior notice.
  • Students must turn in their original work. All assignments are to be completed individually and unless instructed to do so, students cannot collaborate with others on homework, projects, tests and quizzes.
  • Students cannot copy other people’s homework -unless teacher gives prior permission to work with someone else- and / or plagiarize from other sources. If students quote or paraphrase, they must cite correctly.
  • Students can consult Google Translator and other sites to look up words/expressions and their meanings. Students are notto write English sentences or phrases and have them translated automatically into their target language. This constitutes cheating, defeats learning and prevents acquiring the appropriate knowledge and skills. 

4.      Attendance/ Absence

  • Students who are sick or absent have one week from the day they return to complete missing assignments, tests and /or quizzes. Assignments not completed within this time frame will receive a zero. Exceptions for extended absences should be discussed with the teacher upon their return
  • Students must talk directly to their teachers in order to make proper arrangements to take the missing assessment either with their teacher or in the testing center.
  • Students who miss class due to a retreat must refer to the handbook regarding policies for making up work 

5.      Evaluation/Grade

       Since a grade represents the mastery of the material presented on a daily

       basis, no extra credit will be given: 

Freshmen                                                                   Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

Quarter grading Scale:                                             Quarter grading Scale:

Written Work                            20%                           Written Work                            20%

Oral Skills                                30%                           Oral Skills                                 30%

Tests/ Quizzes                         50%                           Tests/ Quizzes                         50%


Semester Grading Scale:                                          Semester Grading Scale:   

First/Third Quarter Grade          45%                          First/Third Quarter Grade          40%

Second/Fourth Quarter Grade   45%                         Second/Fourth Quarter Grade   40%

Final Semester Exam Grade     10%                          Final Semester Exam Grade     20%

 6.       Academic Integrity and Dishonesty Policy

Please refer to handbook. If you have specific questions about the policies, ask the teacher.

 7.      Students and parents should refer to the handbook for all information on Saint Viator policies.

8.      Teacher Availability

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail or contact the teacher by phone (please allow 24 hours for a reply). Teachers will respond within regular school hours 7:30 am- 3:30 pm.

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