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"bel paese là dove il  suona"
-Dante Alighieri, La Divina Commedia- 

Benvenuti !

 Period  Class  Room
1 Italian III Honors  202
2 Spanish II Fundamentals 202
4 Italian IV Honors
* AP
5 Italian II 202
7 Italian I 202

*AP Italian 
is available as a dual credit course through Loyola University Chicago. Should students choose to participate in the program, they can earn college credit while at the same time fulfilling their high school graduation requirements. For more information visit my AP web page or go to http://www.luc.edu/dualcredit . For specific questions, please contact Dr. Brigid Schultz, Loyola's Dual Credit Director at  bschul1@luc.edu  or dual credit@luc.ed

In order to help your child become a successful learner and boost confidence, encourage him/her to ask for help, advice, explanations.  I am available before and after school and 8th period.

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