Constitution Test

Transfer and International Students in the class of 2018-2019

Constitution Review and Practice Quizzes. 

Directions: Read the following about the historical context of the U.S. Constitution then follow the link below to a copy of the U.S. Constitution and Amendments. Once you have read the material, PRINT OUT and answer the questions on the Federal Constitution Review Packet. Next, read the Illinois Handbook of Government. Once you have read the material, PRINT OUT and answer the review questions for the Illinois Government Review Packet. You will need to turn in both completed review packets to be eligible to take the Constitution Tests. 

Mandatory Review Class 

Juniors and Seniors who have not passed both tests

Review Classes run from 7:15-7:55 a.m. in Room 135 on the following dates
  • Monday 2/5/18
  • Tuesday, 2/6/18
  • Wednesday, 2/7/18
  • Thursday 2/8/18
  • Friday 2/9/18
  • Monday, 2/12/18
  • Tuesday, 2/13/18


Monday 2/26/18 -3 PM in room 135

Directions for Practice Quizzes are in the Slides Below

Constitution Test Review and SofTest-M Practice

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