Come see me with any questions or concerns
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Or see my schedule to drop in:
 PeriodSchedule 2018-2019 Room
 7:30 - 8:00 Often Available Before School220
 1Fundamentals of Catholic Faith220
 HRSenior Homeroom220 
 2Fundamentals of Catholic Faith220
 3available with appointment
 4Christian Discipleship220
 5Fundamentals of Catholic Faith220
 6Not Available
 7Querbes Hall SupervisionQH
 8Fundamentals of Catholic Faith 220
 3:00 - 3:30 Often Available After School 220

Homework & Tech F.A.Q. 

    Q. How should I turn in my assignments?
    A. Submit it on Google Classroom (using Google Docs only)

    Q. I'm having an issue with Google Classroom, and I can't submit my assignment!
    A. Email it to kscandora@saintviator.com,
       Share it with kscandora@saintviator.com
         Print it & turn it in at class time

    Q. I can't access this digital file to do my assignment!
  A. 1. Troubleshoot with some hacks:
            open it on a computer, not your iPad
            open in a different browser
            take screen shot & print it
            have a friend email it to you as an attachment
   2. EMAIL me ASAP, if the problem persist, so I can look for a solution.