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Wiz Notes Thursday

Wiz Notes Thursday

Wiz Notes Thursday
Notes from Wiz Sunday matinee SOME APPLY TO BOTH CASTS:

Pick up pace! Kansas Scene dragged. Too many pauses as well.

Dorothy:Don’t go right up to Em and call her name; call from a distance 

Uncle Henry: don’t turn incubator around. Push off stage in same position.

Uncle H cuddled & calmed Toto before putting him in the basket. Good! —Brendan do the same.

Marvel: during fortune telling look out at the audience periodically (like the Great Carsoni)

Also pull turban down in back on head.

Dorothy: lie on porch in the other direction

Glinda wait to say lines till after crescendo 

Where are Munchkin twirly hats? Guys on Pods?

Big gap in munchkin line (center) SPREAD OUT

W. Witch entrance swirl cape like a manta ray.

When Wizard of Oz is mentioned ALL SAY “oooh” when you bow.

Are there more striped socks? Wear them!

Dorothy: pick up pace with apple trees dialogue.

Tinman: be sure costume “can” is smooth before starting 

Dorothy slap of Lion was not audible 

Act 2

See Mrs. C. Abot the end of “king of the forest”

Meeting wizard of oz: Lion wait till lights come on to speak

Winkies can’t stand at an angle where you block view of Witch Melt.

Tech: more glittering bucket.

Anthony exit Stage Right.

Olympia don’t be in scene if you don’t have a green hat

Tinman don’t oil eyes or any body part. It pulls focus.

Dorothy: wait for the curtain to close totally before moving off. Then enter thru split in  Curtain.

Tech: Crickets sound when lights come up 

Em: “you’re safe and well” be clearer, sound more concerned.

Good freeze until music ends.

Very nice Curtain call. Let Dorothy lead applause for pit and tech.


Excused Feb 7 from start of HR thru 6th period:

Brendan Oleksak

Bridget Flood

Maggie Van Valkenburg

Livie Augustine

Claire Capra

Danny Thompson

Chris Sevilla

Dan Ornelas

James McManus

Bridget Dillon

Andrew Bremner

Erin Cavender

IFollow theater events on Twitter   @SVHSshows  or  @ViatorTechCRew 

This year's Winter Musical will be The Wizard of Oz. Show dates are Feb 1,2,3,8,9,10 and benefits Jan 31 & Feb 7, 2019.

Parent Meeting was Monday Dec 3.  I you did not attend, the letter is in a file below.

Monday Nov.12. 3-5:30 Block pp 7-23 Uncle Henry,Auntie Em,  Dorothy, Hunk, Hickory, Zeke. 4 pm add Miss Gultch.    

Vocals: 3-4pm Glinda. 4-5:15 Scarecrow, Lion, Tinman.           

Tuesday Nov 13. Ballet dancers cancelled. 3:15-4:15 Dorothy vocals. 4:15 -5:30 Heavenly Voices.

Character work 3:30-4 Guard. 4-5:30 Add Scarecrow, Lion, Tinman. Add Dorothy at 4:30.

Wednesday Nov 14  3-4:30. Crow & Scarecrow Vocals.

3-5:30 Munchkinland. Everyone except Marvel, Crows, Scarecrow, Lion, Tinman and Ballet Dancers.(Ballet dancers and Crows probably WILL have time to change into/out ofMunchkin costumes.)

Thursday Nov. 15  3-4:30 Munchkinland vocals.

Block & Dance pp 49-57  3-5:30 Scarecrow, Dorothy, Crows & Toto. Also Marvel 3-4.

Thursday evening: Tech crew 6-9pm.

Friday & Saturday: No rehearsals. Tech 10-4pm. 

Sunday Nov 18: 1-4 pm-Dance: Ballet dancers for Twister. Add Dorothy at 3:45. No Ensemble.

Vocals: 1pm-1:45  Tinman 1:45 add Tapping trees. 2:15 Guard Vocal 3:15-3:45 Dorothy, Scarecrow, Trees, Tinman,

Blocking: 1-3:15 Dorothy, Scarecrow, Trees, Tinman, Toto. 3:15 Guard “Merry Old Land of Oz” 

Monday Nov 19 3-5:30 Jitterbug Dance. Includes DSTL and Featured Male Dancers. 

3:30-5:00  Blocking pp.64,73,102-104 Witch, Winkie General, Nikko, add Dorothy later.

Vocals: Dorothy & TBD.

Tuesday Nov 20 3:15-5:30 Vocals: Heavenly Voices, 4:00 Glinda

Blocking: 3:15- 5:30  pp 95-98, 127-139 Marvel/Oz, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, (now referred to as DSTL) Toto, Glinda.

Wednesday & Thursday: No rehearsal, Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday Nov 23, 1-4pm  DSTL Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion.

Saturday Nov 24 NO Tech crew due to illness. 

Sunday Nov 25 1-4 pm Munchkinland Scenes & Songs: Dorothy, Toto, Glinda, Wicked Witch, Ensemble, Munckin Characters, Heavenly Voices. Casting of birds, others.

 Monday Nov 26 3-5:30 Review Act 1 book scenes and songs to date. (No Munchkinland scenes). Pp 7-32, 46-53. RESCHEDULED: 2-4pm Tuesday Nov 27. 

Tuesday Nov 27 2:30-5:30.  Dance review begin at 2:30 for Ballet Twisters, Jitterbug Dancers, & If I only had a Brain. Vocal review begin at 3:30.

Wednesday Nov 28 3-5:30. Block pp. 67- 78. Poppies/Snowflakes (Ensemble, Heavenly Voices & Ballet Dancers), Birds, DSTL, Toto, Glinda. OTHERS may be added later.

Thursday Nov 29 3-5:30. “Merry Old Land of Oz” Vocals, then blocking. EVERYONE except Marvel & Witch. 

Tech crew 6-9pm

Sat Dec 1 No Tech Crew due to concert in auditorium.

Sunday Dec 2 1-4 pm DSTL & Toto, Witch, Winkies & Winkie General. ALL MEN ARE WINKIES!  2pm add Nikko. Pp.105-126 w/o dance.

Monday Dec 3  3-4 Heavenly Voices Vocals. 3-5 pm Blocking DSTL, Toto, Wizard, Guard, Oz Keeper, Glinda. Pp127-139.

Remind your parents of the parent meeting at 7 o’clock tonight!

Tuesday Dec 4 2:30-5:30 Dance review. 2:30-3:30 Merry Old Land Dancers. 3:30-5:30 Tinman & Trees. No Ensemble.

Wed Dec 5 3-5:30 Review and vocals for Act 1 pt 2 pp 49-75. DSTL, Toto,Crows, Trees, Parrots. No Ensemble.

Thursday Dec 6 3-5 Costumes & Dance. 3-5:30 Jitterbug Scene & Dance. EVERYONE except Oz and Glinda.

Tech crew 6-9pm.

Saturday Dec 8 10-4  NO Tech Crew. Stage already set for Arts Festival.

Sunday Dec 9 No rehearsal. Winter Arts Festival.

Monday Dec 10  3-5:30 Block pp 140-143. DSTL and their doubles, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry & Marvel.  Then review Act 1 Scenes that have not been reviewed yet including Ms. Gultch Scenes.

Tuesday Dec 11 3:00-5:30. Munchkinland Scene & Dance.

Wednesday Dec 12  3- 4:15 Review Pp.79-83, 89-101. DSTL, Toto, Guard, Ozkeeper, Oz. 3:30-5:30 Vocals DSTL, Guard.

Thursday Dec 13 3-5:30 Review Merry Old Land of Oz & Jitterbug.

Sunday Dec 16 Look your best for picture day at rehearsal! Named characters please try to arrive by NOON if you can to allow for multiple shots. 

1-4 Review pp 122 -143. From Witch Melt to end of show. Dance review too. Ozians, Monkeys, Winkies, Heavenly Voices - EVERYONE!!!

Monday  Dec 17 3-5:30 Review pp 101-105, 111-126. DSTL & Toto, Winkies, Witch, Nikko, Flying Monkeys, Auntie Em. Vocal Review too.

Tuesday Dec 18 2:30- 4:30 Jitterbug Dance - start in MP 1. Then vocals. 4:30- 5:30 Trees & Tinman. 3:00-5:30 pp 140-143. Marvel, Uncle Henry, Aunti Em, Dorothy, Body Doubles. Review twister scene too.

Wednesday Dec 19 3-5:30 Glinda, Snowflakes, Heavenly Voices, DSTL & Toto, 

Sunday Dec 23 Spend several hours learning your lines, please. I expect great improvement by not having rehearsal here.

December 24-25 Merry Christmas!

Wednesday December 26 12:30-3:30 Principle actors - DSTL, Toto, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Miss Gultch, Wicked Witch, Glinda, Guard.  

**Thursday Dec 27 10- 2:30 Act 1 book scenes. Due to Mrs. Kragt’s abscense, only the following people need to be at rehearsal: DSTL, Toto, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Marvel, Wicked Witch, 12:30 add Glinda. Some will be released before 2:30. Bring a lunch.

Friday December 28  9:30 - 3:30 9:30-12:30 Munchkinland and Poppies. 1:00 - 3:30 Twister, Scarecrow and Tinman Dances.

Sunday Dec 30 1-4 pm Jitterbug, Merrry Old Land of Oz, Balloon launch.

Monday Dec 31 10:30-12:30 Heavenly Voices - Vocals then costumes.

Tuesday January 1st: Happy New Year! See first file below (PDF 1139 ) for notes on "Merry old Land of Oz"

Wednesday January 2 10-12:30 Act 2 scenes with Wicked Witch. DSTL & Toto, Winkies, Nikko, Monkeys.

1-3 Act 2 Scenes w/o Wicked Witch (No Balloon launch or final scene). DSTL & Toto, Guard, Oz Keeper, Oz/Marvel.

Thursday January 3 Photos start at 9:30. Check below for times. 

10-3 Act 1 Part 1 (Overture to end of Munchkin land) OFF Book  Bring a lunch.Everyone.

Playbook photo times:
Both casts: Polishers, Parrots, Ballet Dancers, Jitterbugs -- These groups should be backstage by 9:30 am
Both casts: Crows, Trees, Lullabye League & Lollipop Guild -- These groups should be backstage by 9:45 am
***SEE PDF “WOZ Photo List” file below. If your name is not shaded, we still need your photo.
Wiz Cast: Heavenly Voices (1 group of 5) and Ensemble (1 group of 6). Names of individuals on attached list. Be backstage by 10 am (or 10:15 if you need the entire cast together at the start of rehearsal)
Oz Cast: Heavenly Voices (13 total; 2 groups) and Ensemble (1 group of 7). Names of individuals on attached list. Be backstage by 10:15 am
Individual Characters: Will Walberg, Caroline Lavender, Michelle, Cecchin, Tim Drake, Francesco Console, Joe Turzetti Be backstage by 10:30 am

Friday January 4 10-3 Act 1 part 2. (Scarecrow & Crows, Trees, Parrots etc. to end of Poppies/snowflakes scene) OFF Book. Bring a lunch. NOTE: Actors not in the Poppies scene do not have to come to rehearsal. However, we will be distributing costumes. Actor who are only in the Poppies scene should arrive by noon and have already eaten lunch. 

Sunday January 6 1-4 Act 2 part 1 (Guard & Merry Old land of Oz to end of Jitterbugs & Monkeys taking Dorothy.) OFF book. Everyone except Glinda. FINAL DAY FOR PHOTOS!

Monday January 7 3-5:30 Act 2 Part 2. (Leaving Emerald city to final scene) OFF BOOK. Everyone!

Tuesday January 8 2:30-6:00 Act 1.Everyone.

Wednesday January  9 3-6pm Continue running show and fitting costumes.Everyone.

Thursday January  10  3-5:30 Finsh running show. Everyone.

Patron of the Arts meeting at 7:30pm.

Sunday January 13 1-4 Finish Act 2 while also rehearsing Jitterbug. Then Production Numbers.Costumes too. Everyone.

Monday January 14 3-5 Book Scenes. People with lines. Heavenly Voices for quick costume fittings.

Tuesday thru Friday January 15-18  Individuals by appointment as their exam schedules allow. See next.

I would like to see the following: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, Marvel, Witch, Marvel. Get together with your counterpart to make an appointment. I have exams 6th & 7th periods.

Sound Board: Tuesday 2:00 - 3:15

Dorothy: Tuesday  3:15

Wicked Witch - Wednesday 11:30-12:00.

Marvel/Oz - Wednesday 12:00- 12:45 (& camera work)

Scarecrow - Thursday 11:30-12:00

Lion - Thursday 12:00 - 12:30

Tinman - Thursday 12:30 - 1:00

Sound & Lights Thursday 1:30-?

Saturday January 19: Dance & Vocal Cleanup in Cafe. Noon to 4:30 for EVERYONE except Wicked Witch. Eat lunch before you come to rehearsal. Park in back lot. There will be a snack break. Snacks provided. 


Late Start for Tech Crew at NOON on Jan 19. Eat first; park in back lot.

Sunday January 20: BE SURE TO BE ON TIME in order for us to stay on schedule. BE QUIET AND CHECK IN AS YOU ENTER THE THEATER.

12:30: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion (Vocal warmups)
12:45: Rainbow & Reprise
Lions & Tigers & Bears
King of the Forest
We’re Off to See the Wizard (all 3)
1:30 Add Tropical Birds, Trees, Crows,
If I Only Had A Brain
If I Only Had A Heart
If I Only Had The Nerve
2:00 Add Heavenly Voices (warmups lead by student)
2:15 Overture, Entre Act, MUNCHKIN LAND
2:45 -3:00 Break for Orchestra, 
2:45 - EVERYONE ELSE for warm ups
3:00 - Twister x 2
3:15 - Munchkin Land x 2
4:00 Poppies x 2
4:30 Merry Old Land of Oz x 2
5:00 Jitterbug x 2

5:45 PIZZA Party!


Snowflakes: white leggings or pants and a white shirt

Winkies: Black dress pants, shoes and socks
Poppies: Nude tights
Twisters: Nude tights and dance shoes
Crows: Black turtleneck or Black mock turtleneck shirt
Jitterbug: black leggings, Long sleeve t-shirt to match one of the colors of the dots in the costume.

Wednesday Jan 23: We will run today’s dress rehearsal (OZ Cast) starting with ACT 2. Eat a big lunch as we will start immediately after school. We need to be out of the theater by 6:30.


We will start At 11 am Curtain call and costume checks.  We will proceed to Vocal and dance clean ups. No doubt there will be numbers to run after the Mass.  Eat well. We will have some snacks. Be prepared to stay until 4:30 at least. Pray for less cold weather.

Call for Monday Jan 28 is 3pm for Wiz Cast and 4:15 for Oz Cast. Hope to be finished by 8:30.

THURSDAY WE WILL HAVE REHEARSAL Thursday from 12:30 to 5:00 (5:30 for DSTL). BOTH CASTS will Run Act 2 in costume, but NOT makeup. (Great makeup thanks to Mrs. Coneelly & her crew.) Will also run parts of Act 1. If you/your parents feel that you cannot attend due to cold weather, contact Mrs. Costello. Crew call: 12:30. Orchestra be ready by 1:30.

Both casts MUST read the notes below:

Final scene:

Henry, Wizard, Body doubles all need correct hats in final scene.

Em & Dorothy be center for final hug. Henry & Marvel smile at them in character before blackout.

Do not rush final dialogue. We will go over this with orchestra.

OZ Chamber

DSTL & Toto split and stand on either side of the white drape. That area will be dark so the projection works.You may even be in follow spots.

Twister scene:

Spin house twice before dancers enter.

Dorothy wait until storm door closes to enter stage. Take more time facing wind, banging on cellar door and calling for Aunt Em & Henry.

Crew: Spin house twice BEFORE dancers enter once Dorothy on porch.

Munchkin land:

Cast, wait until the house is set to enter from Stage Right. 

People on pod can bring out their wall and set it at an angle. 

Munchkins on stage should  pop up and look around after Toto entrance bit. It is very cute to see you peeking over the walls.  

Dorothy look around more and be amazed at munchkin land.

Too many munchkins bunched up upstage right. Move over to center. Never be three deep.

After you say goodbye to Dorothy, exit with in character voices with great joy and energy as the lights dim. Otherwise the scene falls flat. Watch out for the curtains.

Merry Old Land of Oz

Onlookers: split and be on either side of the dancers.

Scarecrow beauticians need a green bowl full of straw and the large metal scissors.

Dorothy beauticians need a mirror. 

Polishers need green polishing cloths. 

Lion and Toto manicurists need the two green scissors and a large green file.

A cast member needs to leave the green cloak and correct crown for the lion as people leave after the witch writing seen.

All Winnie’s need to wear black socks.

Lollipop guild needs colored short sleeve t-shirt to wear under their lollipop shirt. We have some, but get here early to get one.

Toto need Winkie vest. 

All Winkies need a spear. Why 13 last night?

Winkies need black socks.

Oz keeper come in sooner after butter paws line.

Dorothy no basket & Tin man no axe during Jitterbug. 

Wicked witch: use Broom on Ernie  Meany miney mo. Can you stand in front of steam hole so glitter thrown on you does not mess up the steam machine? Then step back.

WW: wait until music stops to call Niko.

Scarecrow does not go up on platform. ;-) Guard take him to the side

Crew: place bucket on the floor in front of which platform.

EC Guard: Try to keep your head up a bit more instead of looking down at Dorothy while you were up at the door. Certainly look out during because because because because and other lines not directly related to them.

Monkeys need to act more like monkeys and make monkey noises.Take your cue from Ronan and Anthony. Be crazy and have fun.

Zeke needs hat. 

Trees: Better throwing, but spread out the apple throwing even more to fill the music.

EVERYONE: Stay out of sight. We could see lots of people, spears, bicycle tires from the house.

EVERYONE: Check your props before the show starts.

ANYONE with a line or song who is not miked:PROJECT!

EVERYONE: No jewelry or watches or CELLPHONES! Crew too.

Lion and scarecrow: Where was the call scoop and butterfly net?

Heavenly voices: If you want your hair long during the overture, you need to get it braided and off your face for your other scenes. Otherwise it needs to be braided the entire show

Curtain Call: The idea is to make it lively and have no gaps between groups. This does not mean rush your bow. It means be in place on time and then take a gracious bow. We are back to Toto and Nikko coming out when we start “We’re off to see the wizard.” We will repeat “off to see the wizard” immediately so the final four have some time to bow. Then we will all sing it again as we salute the orchestra and crew and then do the motions for the final time. 

Be sure that the first groups move all the way to the proscenium arch in order to leave room in the center. And SING with a smile.😃



-Late entrance

-Mary Kate. Timing off on the leaps

-Mary Beth. Do you have tan or ballet shoes?

-All. Bigger matrix move 


-Mary Kate/Connie. Cleaner on the patticake section 

-Liv! Late to the kick entrance 

-Grace. Just 3 steps, not bourres 


Crows. Yass Daniel on the entrances

—Danny/boys. What happened to the walks when you catch him?

-Dance break=fire

-Danny. Can it look like you nailed the toe touch. Then fall?

-Crows ending =adorable

-Crows. More bopping to “off to see the wizard”


-All. Lean like Mary Kate and sophie

Beginning of dance break fail

-Leans at end!

-Tinman- find me. We’ll keep working on your end solo. 


-Thank you Sarah and faith for the sways 

-SNOWFLAKES!!!! Practice in the multipurpose room before this scene. I know you can make this happen!

-SL snowflakes. Further Downstage in the half circle

Merry old land

-Fancy ladies. Right entrance. But 4 slow walks first. Then 7 fast. 

-Timmy/Emma. Keep running the Charleston together


-Tinman scarecrow. Do the steps! During “it’s a whosit. It’s a whatsit.”

-Dorothy. Make a Sound when Daniel takes you

-Ruby, Toto, Mary Beth. Make a sound when you take Toto


-Connie. Feet together during your solo

-Tinman plus Mary Kate/Libby. Find me, we need to alter your dance so we don’t ruin the costume

1/28 notes WIZ CAST


-Dorothy.  when you see the girls coming in, make your way center. So you’re already center when they circle you

-twisters. Too early on your entrance 

-Dorothy. Wait for the silence in the orchestra to say your line about your head. Then, take way longer to get back  to the house

-Watch the conductor for timing of echape/ wicked witch section

-we’re gonna need a little more battle/improv in that ending clump


-Claire/Katie. Timing off of patticake section. 



-Tim. Go over beginning choreo

-All. Looks great!


-Colleen/Cassie. Closer together for beginning

-slower arm ripple into facing backwards

-ending = YASS

-Tinman. Like the solo, just come in a count faster so you can make it to your heart by the button! 


Thank you Olivia, Nicole, Michelle, Sophia. Very animated. Let’s go, beauty queens!!!!


-Run this together before you leave the dressing room!!!!!!! Colleen, can you be in charge of this? 

-Stephanie. Yass beauty queen smile

Merry Old Land of Oz

-Ava make sure you and Sarah are splitting center with plenty of space between you before your turns

-Allie, run forward on Ava’s Left side

-ALL. The last note is on count 8. “Oz, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, POSE.” That ending being clean is my biggest dream. I know you can make it happen. 


-Fab 5, clumpier when you first enter the forest. Stay close to each the forrest is so scary. 

-spooks moving Tin man. You’ve got to grab him faster and with some energy. Be spoooooooky. 

-Blaise and jack. Noise when you get taken

-Robbie. Arms go down at the end of that swing section

-All. It’s looking SO GOOD. keep up the energy!!!!! 

.Rehearsal Videos:

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead:

Tornado new

 If I only had a brain:

Cast & Crew can order the DVD by printing & contacting Masterview. "St. Viator 2018 flier Mermaid" attached below.

Friday is the Disney cast; Saturday is the Walt Cast.


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