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Welcome to Ms. Miller's Class!
This year I am excited and proud to say is my 25th year of teaching.  I have spent the last eleven years in Catholic schools, at Saint Viator and before that at  Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, which was a Viatorian school for many years. Teaching is truly my vocation and I am devoted to my classroom when I walk in each and every day. 

 It is my goal to help  advance all students'  reading and composition skills so they are prepared for college and feel confident about attending the college of their dreams.  I am equally experienced in all levels of literature and composition study, and believe in the possibility of all students learning at the highest levels, especially those who have had limited success in English previously due to motivation or learning factors.    I also happen to love teaching freshmen.  It is my goal that all freshmen feel welcomed in our school and that they are confident about their school work.  I also know that we are a special school because we are able to speak about God and help students in their spiritual formation.  I am very committed to helping students who want to engage in their religion and spirituality.  

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 Period Class Room
 1 Lit and Comp 1H227 
 HRJunior Homeroom    
 2    Writing Lab
Help and Supervision
 3American Lit and Comp 227
 5Lit and Comp 2 -0119227 
 6Lit and Comp 1H 227
 8Lit and Comp 1H227