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Welcome to my "Art, Design and Technology" courses
Follow me and all my class news at:  FaltoViatorArtsPlease check my website often for class information and assignments. Occasionally, I will post unannounced opportunities to earn extra credit! I will usually do this over the weekend. It is important that you are aware of assignments, so to encourage you to check my website, I offer this "surprise" extra credit every once in a while and without notice.

Email policy: Any student who needs to email me must use their Saint Viator email address and include their parent's "official" email address in the CC section. I cannot reply to any other student email account.

Parents, please note:  Occasionally students will use "Notability" to submit work to be graded. The project will be forwarded to my Saint Viator email account and I will grade it and send a reply with their grade back to them. This allows students to document progress at various stages and get feedback during the process of working in their art class. If you want to be included in this process, please have your student include your email address in the CC line of the original Notability file they send to me. 

Please note that I only check my email during the school week, from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. I will make every effort to respond to my emails as quickly as possible.

 Period Class Room
 1Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
 2Advanced 2-D Art and Design216
 33-D Art and Design216

 53-D Art and Design216