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Frosh Querbes Scholars
Each year the frosh Querbes Scholars complete a math unit that encourages them to use and extend their math skills.  In previous math courses, K - 8,  you studied the attributes of traditional planar shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, etc.  What about the geometry of a maple leaf?  Besides area and perimeter what other properties does it have?  In the mid 1900's, those interested in quantifying irregular shapes created a list of useful descriptor, each with an accompanying equation.  In this unit, you will determine descriptor values for a number of irregular shapes.  

The homeroom is the only time during the day when all the frosh Querbes Scholars are together; consequently, instruction will be limited to this period.

Like so many other Querbes Scholar enrichment activities, you will receive no grade for your work; however, upon completion of the unit, your work will be evaluated.