Fun Happenings

  • Library
    We go every Friday. Each child can check out one book and always return it the next Friday.
    SO - start remembering that library books are always due on Fridays!
    Posted Sep 10, 2017, 6:30 AM by Claire Mullen
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Class Books

To reinforce the writing process and nurture emergent reading skills, we publish many class books throughout the year that focus on our different learning units. Each child gets a turn to bring each book home for one night to share with his/her family. 

1. Kindergarten Magazine - 8/22/17

We Are Learning...

These next two weeks we are learning letters Tt and Bb for Teddy Bears. We are all having our teddies come and stay with us at school. We have many centers and activities that focus on this theme to help us remember the letters and sounds for Tt and Bb.
At the end of our unit we take our teddies on a real Teddy Bear picnic - with baskets, blankets, books, and even some "beary" good treats we bake ourselves! Tt and Bb are our first letters of the year - and so much fun to learn about.

Hi-5 Learning

Formal instruction takes a lot of training and practice. In Kindergarten we try to be "Hi-5 Learners" We practice every day - 
1. How to LOOK at what I teach and what we are doing.
2. How to LISTEN to what I teach and when our friends are talking.
3. How to THINK about what I say and answer questions.
4. How to REMEMBER what we learn and follow directions.
5. How to TAKE CARE of everything and everyone.
That is Hi-5 learning!

Separation Anxiety

Starting kindergarten is exciting! 
Most young children are eager to begin this new adventure. Families talk about the first day of kindergarten and spend the summer getting ready. And many children cannot wait for the big day. 
However, sometimes, as that big day approaches, excitement can turn to anxiety. Some children begin to realize that going to school means spending time away from the ones they love most. It means being with a teacher and other children they do not know.

Click on the link below to read some helpful tips about separation anxiety. There are many good ideas to help you and your child feel more confident about this big transition.

Be sure to let me know if your child suffers from any anxiety. I am able to help ease them for both you and your child! 


  • Homework
    Your child always brings home the yellow Wednesday Home Folder containing papers from the office and HOMEWORK. Your child can complete the homework and then put it back in the folder on their own. Please have your child be responsible for that - it is just a good habit to begin forming right away. 
    Also - Always color with crayons (no markers, no pens, no colored pencils)
             - Always use a #2 pencil to do all writing (name, letters, numbers, etc)
    So - have a good homework supply of pencils and crayons for your child at home!
    Posted Sep 9, 2017, 6:51 PM by Claire Mullen
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Each week we have some special classes.