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in Preschool this week?

Let's meet Mr. G and his gooey gum. Students will be hearing and retelling Mr. G's story, listening to his song, and we will be incorporating him into our daily routine. Preschool will create the letter using dot markers, glitter, and various forms of blocks; they will design letter Gg Art, and students will learn songs that incorporate and reinforce the letter sound. 

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Students will be recognizing and acting out feelings when dancing to Halloween songs. 

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Students will continue counting, working on one-to-one correspondence, and matching shapes.

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We are so thankful for the donation of construction helmets! Students have been requesting that they use the helmets when they build the letter of the week, incorporating engineering and fine motor skills into our classroom. 

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Students will create "Ghost Art" for letter "Gg"! Preschool will use art materials to trace, color, and design Ghost-themed activity sheets. 

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"G" is for God. Students will learn that God made everyone in his likeness and therefore, we are good. 


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