Welcome to Ms. K's

I'm Ms. F, and I'm very fond of my funny feet! I like to frolic and walk fancy-free. My funny feet are different from other people's feet. We're all different from one another, and that's just fine! I just got back from Florida, where I saw some of my favorite things - like flocks of flamingoes, floating frogs, and fragrant flowers. Very cool!

We will also study families, as a Social Studies Unit. Students should bring in a picture of their family and an object that represents their family's cultural background. We will be presenting these items to our peers throughout the week. 

Students will form the letter "Ff" using their fingerprints, unifix cubes, and crayons. 

Our focus this week is on recognizing numbers and counting to five. 

Our Science Center will feature an egg experiment and a Sink/Float Table. 

We will be singing and dancing to a song about funny feet. 

Our students will learn about the rosary this week.